N0tail Calls for War for Team Liquid in EPIC League


N0tail Calls for War for Team Liquid in EPIC League

Captain OG, N0tail revealed the secret of his team's revival performance in the EPIC League: Division 1 tournament and gave a message of war to Team Liquid.

OG is slowly starting to show good performance in the EPIC League: Division 1 tournament, even though they have to go through the playoffs from the lower bracket.

But in the lower bracket OG managed to beat his opponents. Call it OG managed to beat Yellow Submarine with a score of 2-0.

Most recently OG managed to beat Natus Vincere with a score of 2-0 as well. Later OG will fight Team Liquid in EPIC League: Division 1 which previously won over Team Secret 2-0.


N0tail Calls for War for Team Liquid in EPIC League

OG captain N0tail commented on his team's win over Na'Vi when interviewed by RuHub Media.

“I felt confident when Yek (MidOne) started telling me where to teleport with Relocate. At that time, we only thought about winning.

Sven we really felt the game, the opponent didn't have a chance. MidOne didn't coordinate all the time] but also made a lot of shoutcalls which was very helpful in this match.

I think the opponent is in a panic, because Sven made a big decision, and Iceberg twice tried to teleport him out of the fight. We played very well, we pressed hard, and the opponent seemed to start dropping, "said N0tail


N0tail Calls for War for Team Liquid in EPIC League

The 2-time TI champion also added that OG had gathered at the bootcamp so that their performance was better. Besides that N0tail also sows the war drums for Team Liquid in the upcoming Epic League match.

“For the first time since March we gathered at our bootcamp yesterday. OG has always been stronger in conditions close to LAN tournaments.

Even though it's still an online championship, I already feel like Dota is getting more and more fun, and we've started playing better. I hope Team Liquid will do their best, because we will give our best, and at times like that nothing can stop us.

I don't care who they are or what their name is, whether it's Boxi from Liquid or anyone. Just show your abilities. We don't care who our opponents are, "concluded N0tal.

OG will take on Team Liquid on Friday November 11, 2020 at 11.00 EST.

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