Read Manga One Piece Chapter 998: Scratchmen Apoo Reawakens After Receiving Roronoa Zoro's Attack | Leaks, Spoiler, and Release Date


Read Manga One Piece Chapter 998: Scratchmen Apoo Reawakens After Receiving Roronoa Zoro's Attack | Leaks, Spoiler, and Release Date

Chapter 998 of the One Piece Manga shows the Straw Hat Pirates' actions against members of Tobi Roppo or Flying Six Kaido in Onigashima.

In this chapter of the One Piece manga, the battle between Monkey D Luffy alliance and Kaido alliance in Onigashima is also getting more exciting.

Who are the members of the Straw Hat Pirates who will fight members of Tobi Roppo or Flying Six Kaido in One Piece manga chapter 998?

How is their story? Find the answer in this One Piece article chapter 998.

Previously, in Manga One Piece chapter 997 released by Shonen Jump on November 27, 2020, entitled “Fire”, you can watch it on Manga Plus.

The cover of One Piece Manga Chapter 997 begins with the cover of poison monk hitting Sanji who is meditating but not concentrating and still thinking about worldly things.

The story of One Piece manga chapter 997 begins with Sanji who is angry and tries to help a woman who is about to be harassed in a room in Kaido's castle.

Sanji, who previously escorted Monkey D Luffy to Kaido's place, ignored his goal and tried to help the screaming woman because she was being bullied.


However, when Sanji entered the room, he ended up trapped in a spider web that had been set up.

It turned out that the harassment act was a trap set by Black Maria, a member of Tobi Roppo Flying Six, to capture the Monkey D Luffy alliance who was trying to attack Kaido.

Meanwhile, Monkey D Luffy and Jinbe were still running towards the roof of Onigashima to where Kaido was.

Monkey D Luffy realized that Sanji wasn't with him and asked Jinbe about it.

Jinbe was also unaware of Sanji's whereabouts, and only saw an angry Sanji as he left.

Meanwhile, the Highlinders are waiting for Monkey D Luffy on the stairs to the 4th floor.

But thanks to the help of the samurai Wanokuni who created the emergency stairs, Monkey D Luffy and Jinbe managed to escape from the highlinders.

The story then moves to the performance floor where Roronoa Zoro feels relieved because Big Mom went straight to the roof of Onigashima through the hole Kaido made.

But when he saw Big Mom on the roof, Roronoa Zoro became angry when he saw that something had fallen.

This anger was vented on Apoo. One attack, Roronoa Zoro was able to end Apoo's resistance and get Queen's oni-ice vaccine.

Zoro then handed the vaccine to Chopper and asked Chopper not to die.

Chopper said that he already understood Queen's oni-ice virus system.

Chopper asked all those affected by the Oni-Ice virus to get closer to the fire so that the virus did not spread rapidly throughout the body.

He also promised to increase the number of vaccines and would save all lives, whether friend or foe.

Seeing this, Queen became disgusted and tried to shoot Chopper and Apoo who failed to keep the vaccine.


But suddenly his weapon split open because of a slash from Roronoa Zoro who was still angry.

A moment later, an earthquake occurred in Onigashima and some people thought that this earthquake was caused by Zoro's anger.

However, Zoro said that this earthquake was not because of him.

Robin then said to Zoro that he understood Zoro's anger because he saw Okiku's arm that fell from the roof of Onigashima.

Zoro then said to Robin, if only he could fly then he could quickly reach the roof of Onigashima.

While they were chatting, former Whitebeard Pirates First Division Commander Marco Phoenix came to greet the two.

Marco tells why members of the Straw Hat Pirates who are the main fighting force are still on the show floor, so he offers to help.

The story turns to Yamato who still carries Momonosuke and tries to run away from Onigashima.

However, due to the earthquake, not a single ship was seen and even the sea water disappeared.

Yamato finally realized that Kaido had used Homura Kumo or the cloud of fire to fly Onigashima.

He explained that Kaido intended to bring Onigashima to the top of the Flower capital, then bring down Onigashima to destroy the Flower capital.

One Piece Manga Chapter 998 Schedule And Spoilers

One Piece fans must be patient to find out the continuation of the story in the One Piece manga chapter 998.

This is because the One Piece manga chapter 998 was not released last week and was only released on December 11, 2020.

In the manga One Piece chapter 998 will be titled Ancient Animal Troops.

Leaked manga One Piece chapter 998 will show the types of dinosaurs of the members of Tobi Roppo Kaido.

As Denjiro informed the Yakuza leaders, all members of Tobi Roppo Kaido can transform into dinosaurs.

Previously, three members of Tobi Roppo Kaido, namely Page One, Ulti and including X-Drake, had seen their dinosaur form before turning away.

Only Sasaki, Who's Who and Black Maria have never been seen before.


In the manga One Piece chapter 998, three members of the Straw Hat Pirates will face three members of Tobi Roppo Kaido.

Previously, Nami and Usopp had already faced two Flying Six members, Ulti and Page One.

Now it's Franky, Jinbe and Sanji's turn to face three other members of Tobi Roppo, namely Sasaki, Who's Who and Black Maria.

In addition, Marco Phoenix will help Chopper heal the masses in Onigashima who are affected by Queen's oni-ice virus.

Using his phoenix flames, Marco will stop the spread of the oni-ice virus.

Then Scratchmen Apoo was still able to rise even though in the previous chapter he was hit by a crushing attack from Roronoa Zoro.

However, X-Drake easily defeated Scratchmen Apoo.

Besides that, Yamato also remembered the Dragon Kaido statue that broke because someone had challenged him.

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