Red Velvet's Yeri and Baek Yerin Share Adorable Conversations on Instagram


Red Velvet's Yeri and Baek Yerin Share Adorable Conversations on Instagram

Baek Yerin and one of the Red Velvet Yeri members replied to messages on social media, Instagram.

On December 10, Baek Yerin released her second full album titled "tellusboutyourself," and Yeri immediately used Instagram Stories to show her love for Yerin's new album.

The Red Velvet member posted a screenshot of herself listening to Baek Yerin's new music and added a caption that reads, "She's the best !!!!!!!!!!"

Baek Yerin then returned the compliment by sharing Yeri's post on her Instagram story and writing, "Yerimmie, I'm always grateful to you."

Yerin also added "You are a beautiful person who is always the first to contact and support me."

“tellusboutyourself” features 14 songs, including the two title tracks 'Hate you' and '0415,' both of which discuss the negative side of loving someone.


"I wrote '0415' just as I was thinking about wanting to put my voice on a deep house track."

"This song is based on a true story. Although I always tend to be afraid of meeting new people, I have to meet new people and my worries arise, so here I am complaining, 'why is this only happening to me?'," Said Yerin.

Meanwhile, 'Hate you,' is very much different from other Yerin songs today. Famous for his soft and sweet voice, the song has a darker and heavier tone.

“That song probably has the most swearing of all my songs. I am often told that my voice is thin and soft, so I was very interested to see how people hear my voice in this type of song," said Yerin.


"I wrote 'Hate You' listening to my gut to tell the person I hate face-to-face, 'I really hate you, but I hope everyone knows who really cares about him.'"

"Hopefully, it doesn't look as hateful, but as sincere advice for someone I really care about," she explained.

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