Shortcuts Macbook Users Should Know


Shortcuts Macbook Users Should Know

You may have come across lots of shortcuts for laptops that use Microsoft. However, what if you are using a Macbook? Shortcuts do provide their own function to shorten uptime.

Users who know the shortcut keys on their Macbook, can have the dexterity in maximizing all the tools available on their device. For those of you who are Macbook users, here are useful shortcuts to shorten your work time:

1. Jump to Specific Folder

Sometimes while doing work, you want to quickly write from one folder to another. Instead of opening the menus individually, here are the shortcuts you can use:


  • Command + Shift + C: Top level folder system
  • Command + Shift + D: Desktop
  • Command + Shift + F: All My Files
  • Command + Shift + G: Open Folder
  • Command + Shift + H: origin folder
  • Command + Shift + I: iCloud Drive Folder
  • Command + Shift + O: Document folder
  • Command + Shift + R: AirDrop Folder
  • Command + Shift + U: Folder Utility
  • Command + Option + L: Download folder

2. Showing Hidden Files

Hiding and viewing files in Finder is easy. However, if there's a quicker way why not give it a try? On the keyboard, you can shorten the process by pressing Command + Shift + Point (.) Keys. By pressing the key combination, you can easily and quickly view hidden files.

3. Cutting and Pasting Files

A common question for new Macbook users is: how do I cut and paste files? This can be answered by right-clicking the file in Finder and the Cut or Cut option will be displayed. However, there are special keyboard shortcuts that will speed up your work of cutting and pasting files.


The Command + Option + V key combination is a secret key that can instantly cut and paste the files you want. Unlike Copy, if you use the Cut option, this means the file you move won't have a copy in its original place. But, really moving to a new place.

4. Find Dock Applications Quickly

Want to remove a program in the Dock, but can't remember where you installed it? Hold down the Command key while clicking the program's Dock icon. Finder will open a new window in the highlighted application location.

5. Deleting Files Using the Keyboard

Deleting files and throwing them straight into the 'trash' can be done very easily. Just press Command + Delete, a pop-up will appear asking 'Do you really want to do it?', You just have to press Enter and your files will be deleted.

If you want to empty the trash, just press Command + Shift + Delete. The same pop-up will appear, and if you want it to be completely blank, press Enter. Well done, your trash can will be clean instantly.

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