Spoiler Alert! Rise from the Dead? Ace returns in One Piece Manga Chapter 998.


One Piece Manga Chapter 998

One Piece chapter 998 spoilers in the form of complete leaks have finally come out in more detail in cyberspace.

There are several interesting things shown from the leak where the mangaka, Eiichiro Oda, gave a surprise by bringing back Portgas D.Ace.

This is quite surprising considering we know that Ace died after sacrificing his life to protect Luffy.

In addition, we will again witness the battle of one of the Monster Trio from the Straw Hat crew, Sanji.

If last week Zoro was in the main spotlight, this time Oda gave Sanji a serious fight where he would face Black Maria who turned out to have an Ancient Zoan type.

Not only Sanji, Jinbe and Franky will also face enemies who have Ancient Zoan Devil Fruit abilities.

Let's discuss in more detail about One Piece Manga Chapter 998.

One Piece Manga Chapter 998 will be officially titled "Ancient Model" or "Ancient Model".

On the cover, Enel was listening to music while lying on top of the big fat cat.

One Piece Manga Chapter 998

The manga opens with Kaido men who are shocked to see their captain has the ability to lift the entire island.

Downstairs, is shown Marco burning Chopper with his blue fire.


One Piece Manga Chapter 998

The flame is not hot but helps slow down the Koorioni or Oni virus.

Miyagi (Mink goat doctor) and Tristan (Mink squirrel nurse) will help Chopper make the antidote.

In an astonishing double spread, Marco used the power of his fire to cover the entire room.

Fire helps accelerate everyone's body heat and slow down Koorioni.

Chopper used this opportunity to create an antidote.

One Piece Manga Chapter 998

Marco offers to take the Mugiwara Pirates to the roof of Onigashima.

The yakuza will help protect Chopper from Kaido men while he is making medicine.

The injured Apoo gets up and tries to take the antibodies back but X Drake turns into Allosaurus.

Then he grabbed Apoo with his mouth and stopped him.

X Drake will stay on the Live Floor and will help protect Chopper as well.

The panel turned to Luffy and Jinbe who had reached the 4th floor of Onigashima.

There seemed to be a lot of strong enemies on this floor, so Jinbe told Luffy he would stay on the 4th floor while Luffy walked alone.

Jinbe added.

Jinbe: Maybe Sanji sensed a strong enemy and went to stop him.

Luffy: I see. My Haki observations weren't good enough back then.

Sasaki Vs. Franky, in Sasaki's other major dual transformation, she is the user of the Ryu Ryu no Mi, Model: Triceratops.

Sanji was running around the 3rd floor, he couldn't fight because the enemy was a woman.

Black Maria turned into a giant spider, she is a Kumo Kumo no Mi user, Model: Rosamygale grauvogeli.

We can see Black Maria hanging upside down from the ceiling in a huge spread, her upper body is human but her lower body is a spider.

Sanji asked if he was in Heaven, because there were only women in the room.

Return to the 4th floor, called Cat Cafe.

Jinbe takes on the Who's Who and the rest of his crew (the cat themed crew).

Who's Who changed too, he is a user of the Neko Neko no Mi, Model: Saber-toothed tiger.

Who called Jinbe a former Shichibukai.


Jinbe says that he is the helmsman of the Mugiwara Pirates now and tells Who used the title with more value.

Who's Who: Oh, sorry about that. It's just that I had the opportunity to see you when you were a Shichibukai.

Jinbe: Uh ?? I wonder if I will know who you are if I see your real face.

Who's Who: Hehe. I don't let you see it.

In another fantastic double spread, we get to see Ulti and Page One in dinosaur form.

They broke through the wall together looking for Nami and Usopp. Hihimaru (baboon) was hit.

Cut to Onigashima warehouse. Yamato and Momonosuke hid near the large dragon statue.

The dragon's face changed shape as if it had been punched by something extremely hot. Momonosuke asked what this was.

Yamato explained that in the past this statue was placed at the entrance to the island, but his "friend" destroyed it, so it was dumped here.

Momonosuke: Your friend?

Yamato: Yes. A man who came here to kill my father many years ago.

In the background, you can see fire and Ace's silhouette.

One Piece Manga Chapter 998

So that's the complete leak of the manga One Piece chapter 998 which is scheduled to be officially released on Sunday, December 13, 2020.

You can read it for free and legally through the Manga Plus site when One Piece Manga Chapter 998 has been published.

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