Team 33 Recruit 8 Year Old Fortnite Players!


Team 33 Recruit 8 Year Old Fortnite Players!

Playing games at a young age has become a common thing that we encounter today. Easy access to gaming devices, be it smartphones, gaming consoles, and PCs is getting easier today. With the development of gaming devices that are supported by the advancement of the esports industry, it is not uncommon to find young talents who have the potential to become talented esports players.

This opportunity is being used well by esports organizations so that they can regenerate players. Although some of these children are still not yet legal age for competition, they are usually recruited first for training so that their talents can develop properly[post_ads]

One of the newest recruits that is quite excited is from the esports organization Team 33. Joseph Deen is an 8 year old Fortnite player who just pressed a contract with Team 33. At a very young age, it turns out that he has been training with the Fortnite team since he was 6 years old.

Joseph Deen also received a set of gaming computers for USD 5,000 and a bonus of 33,000 as a prize for joining Team 33. "We are very pleased with Joseph's presence exclusively in Team 33," said Team 33 co-founder Tyler Gallagher. "We have been quietly looking for new talent for our roster and after a few years we officially included Joseph as part of the team. We have been training him from a few years back because young gamers are the future, and we want to start training him from the start[post_ads]

This recruitment caused quite a controversy, because Deen is still 8 years old, the issue of esports contracts to minors was raised again. Ryan Fairchild, a lawyer in the field of esports, stated that there are loopholes in the law that Team 33 could use in this recruitment.

Previously, the FaZe Clan had recruited a 12 year old player for the Fortnite division. The official competition rules require players to be at least 13 years of age to compete and stream on Twitch. H1ghsky1 immediately closed his Twitter account while his Twitch was suspended after being caught in June.

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