The Boss Baby 2: Family Business Release Date, Leaks and Spoilers


The Boss Baby 2: Family Business Release Date, Leaks and Spoilers

The Boss Baby, the hit animated comedy in 2017, is ready to return with its new sequel The Boss Baby 2.

Tells a secret agent in the form of a cute little baby, and always has a way to make the audience laugh. The first Boss Baby was a huge success as it grossed over US $ 527 million worldwide. The story is about little Tim Templeton who feels lonely because his parents are busy at work. He hopes to have a younger brother to be with.

His wish was fulfilled, he got a younger brother who "fell to earth." But a younger brother named Ted was not like an ordinary baby. He turned out to be a secret agent. The Boss Baby 2 is set to release March 26, 2021 - ScreenRant.

But fans who can't wait to ask the production to bring the release date forward. Until now, the exact date of the animated film is still unknown. however the corona virus pandemic has caused the world's film industry to suffer many losses, it is feared that the release will actually be delayed[post_ads]

The production of The Boss Baby 2 was also delayed due to this pandemic. Even though it was delayed, The Boss baby 2 turned out to be in the fastest animation film making compared to other animated films. Animated films from Pixar, for example, took up to seven years to produce.

Additionally, Dreamworks with How to Train Your Dragon had to spend at least five years creating a sequel. Synopsis The Boss Baby 2 In the first film, we see how Boss Baby fights the villain Francis E, where Francis ends up joining the Templeton family.

The first trailer for The Boss Baby: Family Business (The Boss Baby 2) introduces several new characters and elements, including another Boss Baby and an aging-fighting formula. In this film, Tim and Theodore Templeton or Ted reunite in the film. you can watch it below.

The Boss Baby 2: Family Business Trailer

They have grown and become adults. Both also try to adjust their work life and family responsibilities. But Theo feels homesick when he becomes The Boss Baby, planning to use some baby formula to become boss baby again. Meanwhile, Tim, who already has a baby girl, is shocked. Her son, Tina, turns out to be a secret agent from BabyCorp who was sent to confront criminals. Finally, Tim, Ted and Tina travel to help Tina in completing her mission[post_ads]

The sequel to The Baby Boss 2 is still filled with various witty scenes, including the endless bickering between Tim and Ted. Voice actor Alec Baldwin is scheduled to return to voice as Theodore Templeton also known as The Boss Baby and James Marsden becomes the character Tim as an adult. The Boss Baby 2 film will also introduce several new voice actors including Eva Longoria, Ariana Greenblatt, Amy Sedaris, and Jeff Goldblum. Presenter Jimmy Kimmel as Ted Templeton aka Ayah and Lisa Kudrow as Janice Templeton aka Mummy will return in the film.

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