Watch Attack on Titan Final Season Episode 2: Cart and Jaw Titans Reveal Their Human Forms | Spoiler, Leaks and Release Date


Watch Attack on Titan Final Season Episode 2: Cart and Jaw Titans Reveal Their Human Forms | Spoiler, Leaks and Release Date

It's been seven years since the first episode of the anime series Shingeki no Kyojin also known as Attack on Titan came out. Viewers can see the end of the long battle in season 4 or The Final Season which is currently broadcasting.

Throughout the 59 episodes in the Attack on Titan series, the audience is treated to a storyline about wars and the struggle of mankind to fight the power of the Titans who eat humans and survive in order to avoid the extinction of the Human race.

In the last episode of season 3, the audience was made even more curious about what happened after knowing the origin of the Titans which was finally revealed at the end of season 3 of Shingeki no Kyojin also known as Attack on Titan.

But in this season the audience will actually see the conflict between Marley and Eldia that has been going on for hundreds of years.

In addition, this season also reveals a lot of dark secrets and mysteries behind the technology that made their world so advanced.

Attack on Titan Final Season begins with the first episode entitled The Other Side of the Sea. This episode has aired on November 7 then you can watch it on Netflix.


This first episode immediately featured a battlefield involving Eldian troops near the Slava Fortress.

In this war, one of the Eldian soldiers, Falco, looked confused after being nearly hit by a gunshot. Luckily a fellow soldier appeared and explained that they had reached the end point of a battle that had been going on for four years.

For more details, let's start by thoroughly discussing the first episode of Shingeki no Kyojin also know as Attack on Titan.

Previously on Attack On Titan Final Season Episode 1:

In this season, the audience is still curious about the expansion efforts made by the Marley people. If in this season they succeed in overthrowing the allied forces of the Middle East and are able to conquer Paradis Island, the war will be over with a victory for Marley.

However, until entering this 60th episode, the intergenerational conflict and corruption inherent in it are still not over.

The story writer seemed to want to confuse the audience, just as Falco was confused after the explosion. The premiere episode of the last season is still trying to build high expectations from the audience.

Despite presenting an epic and new opening, the audience must be patient with the absence of Eren and most of the main characters in this series.


Here the audience will actually follow the battle from the enemy's side so that throughout the first episode we will see the figure of a ruthless general and wounded soldiers.

This episode features the faces of the young warriors of Marley attacking other nations mercilessly because they have been indoctrinated from birth.

This stems from years of propaganda that led to bloodshed between the Merlians and Eldians. Not only the elderly, children also became victims in this war.

They look tired and in shock as they have to face the tragic conditions of their fragile age to fight to avoid death.

On the side of the Eldians, this battle is an important mission for obtaining deadly technology. Falco and his comrades, Udo, Zofia, and Gabi, are the other Eldians trying to get the weapons that make the Titans strong and powerful.

They not only fought the "enemy" but they also fought to be heroes against the violent titans. So that in this season the audience will not only see the end of the Titans but also the end of Eren's journey and the main characters in the story Shingeki no Kyojin also known as Attack on Titan.

For Attack on Titan fans who don't read the Manga Attack on Titan, of course, they won't know Falco, Udo, Zofia, and Gabi well. Even so, these four figures would bring about a big change in the battle between Merlian and Eldia.

More in-depth explanations about the characters of these additional characters will be shown in more depth in future episodes. But in this first episode, the four of them managed to attract the attention of the audience to get to know their characters quickly.


The most memorable scene in this first episode is when the four of them try to attack the enemy forces using a neutralized giant.

They were tied to the fuselage of the main aircraft which at first glance looked like body bags. Dozens of giants then threw themselves over the landscape like a shower of bombs.

The result is that we are treated to the sight of dozens of naked giants struggling, grinning and ferociously attacking the enemy forces blindly.

At first glance this might be very funny, but this act is indirectly an act of genocide or ethnic cleansing.

This episode will feature the cruelty of war that sacrificed loyal soldiers and a series of brutal scenes that will satisfy lovers of the action series. It is even more valuable because of the excellent background music provided by the Attack on Titan anime production.

At the end of the first episode, the Marleyans managed to capture the fort after Zeke's assistance. But the war wasn't over. The battle to become the new candidate for Armored Titan is still ongoing.

Attack on Titan Final Season Episode 2 Spoiler 

Where the story will focus on the Eldian soldiers returning to their hometown, Liberio.

For your information, Liberio is an exile camp for the Eldians on the Marley continent which is also the home of Reiner, Bertholdt, Annie, and Zeke.

Overall, the second episode will introduce fans of Shingeki no Kyojin also known as Attack on Titan, both those who have read the manga and those who have not, about life outside Paradis Island, especially a place called Liberio.


Where fans of Shingeki no Kyojin also known as Attack on Titan will see Cart Titan and Jaw Titan in their human forms, which fans have been eagerly awaiting.

Ahead of the release of the second episode of Shingeki no Kyojin also known as Attack on Titan 4, fans who can't wait can release a little of their curiosity by watching Attack on Titan second episode spoilers below.

Attack on Titan Final Season Episode 2 Leaks

Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 2 will be titled: Midnight Train

The four year war between Marley and the Allied Middle East has ended.

However, the disappearance of Marley's two titan indicates that the era of the Titan's reigning power is coming to an end.

To make up for the fact that other countries were developing anti-titan weapons, Zeke Jaeger advised his military leaders about a plan. 

what kind of plan did Zeke make?

Attack on Titan Final Season Episode 2 Release Date

Anime Shingeki no Kyojin Season 4 also known as Attack on Titan Final season will soon release its second episode on Monday, December 14, 2020.


Attack on Titan Final Season Episode 2 Countdown

Where to Attack on Titan Season 4 Watch Online?

You can watch on Crunchyroll or VRV are streaming series of Shingeki no Kyojin also known as Attack on Titan Final Season its original Japanese dub with English or many other language subtitles. However, if you are currently residing in Japan then you can watch it through Netflix too.

for those of you who haven't watched the first episode you can watch it here legally and of course for free. [##film## watch AOT S4 - 01]

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