Watch Black Clover Episode 156: Awakening Powers, Yuno Message For Asta | Leaks, Spoiler, and Release Date


Watch Black Clover Episode 156: Awakening Powers, Yuno Message For Asta | Leaks, Spoiler, and Release Date

In Black Clover episode 155, Asta and other Magic Knights finally start their training Everyone who was chosen had finally arrived at the Heart Kingdom training ground. This training is carried out so that the magic knights can be stronger so that they are able to defeat the Spade Kingdom which one day attacks them. Gadjha brought them in to follow the instructions given by Queen Loropechika.

Then Gadjha explained that most of the Diamond Kingdom had been controlled by the Spade Kingdom so that their attack was stopped temporarily. Even so, from time to time, Heart and Clover Kingdoms can also be their targets.

Therefore this rigorous exercise is done in order to increase their strength quickly. Not a single one of them refused to be trained, everyone hoped to get stronger in the shortest possible time. Then, they are trained according to the specified skills and teachers.

Not only physical learning, they are also taught how to make magic letters. This lesson is very important because with magic letters they can perform any command to magic, such as chasing dodging targets and making magic stronger.

However, Asta could not do all of this, because it was clear from birth that he did not have Mana. Then why was he chosen and came to the Heart Kingdom but couldn't learn to use Mana?


Then it is explained by Gadjha that Asta does not have the slightest bit of mana in his body but with his physical strength and grimoire, he can become one of the Mysterious magicians who have the potential to defeat the devil.

On the other hand, Yami finds out that his chosen members have started to develop and learn Heart Kingdom magic techniques every day. Hearing that Yami as captain also didn't want to lose, he also had to train even harder. So what will happen in episode 156 Black Clover later? let's talk about it all here

Black Clover 156 Spoilers

Gadjah escorted them to Queen Loropechika who also greeted them while patting Charmy who was sleeping on her lap.

Queen said that she should throw a welcoming party for them.

Mimosa asks why Charmy is here because she wasn't selected.

Charmy replies that Loropechika is feeding her.

Loropechika then decided that they should go into details about their training.

Gadjah says the Spade Kingdom has taken control of most of the bases in the Diamond Kingdom and their invasion has been temporarily halted.

This means they also target Heart Kingdom and Clover Kingdom at any time.

Magic Knights will undergo rigorous training to ensure rapid growth.


Gadjah then introduced a Spirit Guardian who would watch over them.

Guardian Spirit of Earth-Sarado, Plant-Potrof, Api-Floga, Wind-Smurrik and Gadjah.

He ordered Mimmosa and Charlotte to train with Sarado first.

Finral will learn from Smurik, Rill from Potrof, Leo and Magna will be under Floga.

Luck gets trained by Gadjah and Asta asks about him and Noelle.

Asta asks why he came here and Gadjah says Asta is one of the magicians at the mysterious stage who might be able to defeat the devil.

The Queen will train Nero and Udinbe will train Noelle.

Training started and Yami also trained at the volcano.

The BB Magic Knights squad is ready to train in the Heart Kingdom and Finral realizes that he has sworn that he will be worthy to be the head of the House of Vaude and Miss Finnes.

If he didn't get stronger now, it would all be a lie and Magna would.


Noelle decides that she must become strong to avenge her mother and defeat the demon Magicula.

Fin opens the gates using his magic so they can head to training.

Asta doesn't believe that they can reach Heart Kingdom so quickly, but his rivals are waiting for him.

Mimosa, Leopold, Charlotte, and Rill are waiting for the BB squad to appear.

Charlotte thought that Yami should have also come because they were training in another kingdom.

Mimosa tells Asta that Yuno gave him a message for him and Asta asks him what he said.

Mimosa reveals that she said she would become stronger with Golden Dawn.

Noelle asks what that means since she trains there.

Asta says he will get stronger wherever he is and Asta promises that he will not lose.


Black Clover 156 Short Recap

Asta and the others are busy with their special training in Heart Kingdom. Meanwhile Captain Yami challenges Mereoleona to combat training. When started, Yami's initial attack cannot touch Mereoleona, because she has the ability to control mana in the surrounding area. While everyone is busy looking for ways to become stronger, the threat of the Spade Kingdom using demonic power to attack other kingdoms is imminent.

Black Clover 156  Release Date

Episode 156 of Black Clover is scheduled to air on Japanese television stations on December 15 (Tuesday). Crunchyroll and several other streaming services will also broadcast anime on the same day with English, Spainish, and other subtitles.

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