10 Best One Piece Luffy Cosplayers Until Now!


10 Best One Piece Luffy Cosplayers Until Now!

There is no need to doubt that One Piece is one of the popular series among manga or anime lovers. In addition to an interesting story, the various characters that appear in the series are no less unique, for example, Monkey D. Luffy, who is the main protagonist in the series. Luffy himself is the captain of the Straw Hat pirate group.

Like other Shounen characters, Luffy also has a big dream he wants to achieve, namely to become a pirate king. He wanted to reach the last island and find One Piece. Luffy's own popularity is no less than the series. And thanks to this popularity, not a few fans try to dress up like Luffy. Here are some very interesting Luffy cosplayers.

1. Luffy aka Lucy Arc Dressrosa

10 Best One Piece Luffy Cosplayers Until Now!

In the Dressrosa arc, the Straw Hats must disguise themselves as other people. Luffy himself in his disguise uses a fake white beard and wears black glasses. Considering Luffy's suit that hasn't changed much, it feels magical to see Luffy not being recognized by the people there. However, this means that the performance was successful.

A cosplayer named maria-m aka bakura, managed to bring Luffy's character to life. From the photo, Maria M looks so much like Luffy's figure in the Dressrosa arc. An interesting cosplay idea that deserves thumbs up.


2. Luffy at McBaratie

10 Best One Piece Luffy Cosplayers Until Now!

The main heroes in Shonen stories usually have very large appetites and appetites. This is to compensate for the level of strength they use in battle. One obvious example of this is Monkey D. Luffy. Luffy is often shown eating very large portions. And his own favorite food is meat.

A cosplayer named Wings-chan managed to bring out the "greedy" side of Luffy. Wings-chan presents the concept when Luffy appears in the real world, then he will look for a place that sells good meat, like one of them is a fast food restaurant. In the photo we see Luffy eating a lot of food.

3. Luffy oba-san version

One great thing about cosplay is that fans are free to imagine their favorite characters. There are many ways to do this, such as animating non-human characters (eg cosplaying into smartphones). It's not uncommon for popular characters to get a "twisted version" where the difference is clear.

A cosplayer named Brooken Chooken presents a "twist" version of Luffy where Luffy transforms into a woman. What is also interesting is the concept shown by the cosplayer, where Luffy "plays" as a maid or an ART while carrying a pillow shaped like meat.


4. Gear Second Version

As mentioned above, one interesting thing about cosplay is that everyone is free to create and imagine about the characters they like, including posing to liven up their favorite moments. And to add to the uniqueness of her cosplay, bringing effects or finishing touches to the editing process can bring out interesting things.

A cosplayer named Faelenis_Cosplay tries to present the moment when Luffy activates Gear Second mode in the photo he uploaded on his Twitter account. Poses, effects, costumes and everything looks very supportive of the moment. The photo might be an illustration if Luffy is in the real world.

5. Luffy with Aniki, Portgas D. Ace

10 Best One Piece Luffy Cosplayers Until Now!

Cosplay doesn't always have to be done alone. Sometimes collaborating with other cosplayers can go a long way. An example is cosplay when Portgas D.Ace and Luffy are together. This moment was brought to life by two cosplayers, namely Tempura-Sushi as Luffy and Surberus666 as Ace.

Because Luffy and Ace rarely appear together in a single moment - except when they were young and after Luffy freed Ace - seeing these two cosplayers in the same photo, nicely presented the moments and accurate costumes, made everything feel so perfect. Perhaps it would be better if there was a Sabo cosplayer who would complement this image.


6. Rubberman

Everyone can indeed wear the costumes of the characters they like, trying to live up to their fantasies about these characters. However, not all cosplayers are able to capture and present the personality side of the characters they portray. In this case, one of the cospalyers, Captain Grayson, seems to have succeeded in presenting one of the things that characterizes Luffy's body, namely his elasticity.

In the photo, we can see Captain Grayson is able to widen his cheeks, which is a typical pose for cosplayers who dress up like Luffy. This is to refer to Luffy's figure as a contortionist.

7. Ready to Sail in GrandLand

10 Best One Piece Luffy Cosplayers Until Now!

A picture / photo can have many meanings. With the right pose, perfect / good cosplay, and the right shooting angle, it is not impossible that we can bring something from the world of manga or anime to the real world. One of the cosplayers, AmenoKitarou, managed to do just that.

He poses hanging over a pole while then looking ahead, towards the distance. This is one of the things Luffy did, when he was on the ship in the story. And the cosplayer manages to bring the moment to life through this image. Her own photo seemed to show that she was ready for a big adventure.


8. Monkey D. Luffy

10 Best One Piece Luffy Cosplayers Until Now!

Sometimes the name "monkey" from Monkey D. Luffy is often taken literally, and is often used as a joke. A cosplayer named Monkey D. Luffy poses in the top of a tree, looking down at the camera as if he is preparing to jump. The color and background of the image are really eye-catching, as are the costumes worn. Nothing is superfluous, the two elements in the photo really come together. And what is also interesting is that the photos are able to focus on the cosplayer, even though the surrounding nature is very beautiful.

9. Pirate King

10 Best One Piece Luffy Cosplayers Until Now!

Luffy always reveals his biggest dreams over and over again. Even though he often acts stupid, or does other silly things, Luffy has proven to many fans that he is not messing around with his dreams. He was determined to become a pirate king and he was willing to do anything to achieve it.

A cosplayer named Kevin Oinky is able to capture this extraordinary moment in a photo. The robe he wore gave an interesting touch, as if it was proof that he really deserved to be a pirate king.


10. Congratulations From Fans for Chapter 1000

The One Piece manga series is currently the shonen manga with the largest number of chapters currently, reaching 1000 chapters. This is certainly a big achievement not only for the shonen genre, but also for the manga industry. And to welcome this great achievement, there are many ways fans can do it. An example is a cosplayer named JayBlackDragon, who celebrated this milestone with Luffy's epic cosplay.

The cosplayer wears a costume from one of the One Piece films, Strong World. There are several photos shown, and each one really brings a very good feel. This is one interesting way to celebrate the great achievements of the One Piece series.

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