10 Greatest Captain and Vice-Captain Pair in One Piece!


10 Greatest Captain and Vice-Captain Pair in One Piece!

In a pirate group, a captain is indeed the figure of the highest leader and the person who makes the main decisions. It is he who determines where to go, what they will do now, and how they will do it. Even so, sometimes the captain also needs help from another party, and in this case it is the vice-captain.

Captain and vice-captain are two people who often determine a pirate group, whether they will be able to become strong or will turn out to be weak. However, of the many captains and vice captains in the One Piece story, there are some who are considered to be the "duo" or the best couple. Then, who are they?

1. Bellamy and Sarquiss (Bellamy Pirates)

Bellamy the Hyena is the former captain of the Bellamy pirate group. Just like the captain, Bellamy's pirate group tries to be a different figure from the pirates in this “New Age” era, where he believes that pirates no longer need to dream of finding One Piece and instead focus on finding treasures in around them.

10 Greatest Captain and Vice-Captain Pair in One Piece!

As a captain, Bellamy is looking for a strong and tough pirate figure to join his group and adventure with him. His own subordinates really admire Bellamy as their idol and people themselves consider Bellamy as the best newcomer pirate. The vice-captain, Sarkies, is very proud of the captain and believes that the captain's abilities will be able to realize their big dreams. Even after Bellamy was defeated, Sarkies still believed that Luffy's victory was purely due to luck. Sarkies was reluctant to deny that Luffy was indeed stronger than the captain.

2. Sai and Boo (Happo Navy)

Sai is a member of the Chinjao family and the 13th leader of the Happo Navy. His younger brother, Boo, is the vice captain of the Happo Navy. Because of his Hasshoken training, Sai shouldn't actually have a deep connection with his younger brother in a battle. However, the opposite happened. This is actually in order to prevent their concentration from being divided. This is what happened to them when they were defeated by the Funk Brothers.

10 Greatest Captain and Vice-Captain Pair in One Piece!

Even so, Sai did not hesitate to avenge the defeat of his comrades who had lost or died, including his younger brother. Boo also acts as a guide for Sai, which is the same relationship as the previous relationship between Sai and Chinjao. An example is when Boo asked his younger brother not to attack Luffy.

3. Kuro and Jango (Black Cat Pirates)


The Black Cat pirate group is a pirate group from East Blue led by Kuro. Kuro is a captain who always thinks that his crew is nothing but a doll that he can adjust to his will. This group is truly cruel and greedy, two things that might describe this pirate group. Since most of his crew were ordinary pirates, without direction from Kuro they would be unable to do anything.

10 Greatest Captain and Vice-Captain Pair in One Piece!

Kuro actually has an evil plan against his crew, where he is willing to sacrifice his entire crew. And this was proven true, when Kuro had the heart to kill and injure many of his crew. At first, Jango, the vice-captain, was someone loyal to the captain. However, it was all done to make it easier for Jango to take over the leadership of this pirate group. Even though it looks like a bad relationship, the captain-vice-captain duo are still able to give Luffy a hard time.

4. Buggy and Mohji (Buggy Pirates)

Buggy the clown is the captain of the Buggy pirate group. Before becoming the captain of a pirate group, he was an ordinary crew on Roger's ship with Shanks. However, after Roger's crew was disbanded, Buggy began building his own name to form his own pirate group. Buggy himself is very crazy about pirates and treasure, as well as power and popularity.

10 Greatest Captain and Vice-Captain Pair in One Piece!

Buggy has a pretty interesting vice-captain named Mohji in beast conqueror. In accordance with his nickname, Mohji is very skilled at taming animals, especially wild animals. He has a pet lion named Riochie. Because he is the representative of Buggy, Mohji can be considered as an antagonist in the Orange Town arc and also Loguetown.

5. Jinbe and Aladine (Sun Pirates)

Jinbe is a former captain of the Sun pirates who is now a crew of the Straw Hats. In addition, he was also a former Shichibukai before deciding to resign from his position. Jinbe has one dream, which is to fulfill Fisher Tiger's dream. His own dream is the emergence of equality and peace between humans and fishmen.

10 Greatest Captain and Vice-Captain Pair in One Piece!

During his time as the captain of the Matahari pirates, Jinbe was accompanied by the figure of Aladine who besides being a vice-captain was also Jinbe's good friend. Just like Jinbe, Aladine also really understands and wants to make Fisher Tiger's dream come true. In the Whole Cake Island arc, Aladine and the entire Sun pirate crew understand Jinbe's decision to join Luffy, and support it.

6. Eustass Kidd and Killer (Kidd Pirates)

This pair is arguably the most eccentric and eccentric of any name on this list. The Kidd pirate group itself was first introduced in the Sabaody arc, along with other pirates who were later referred to as Worst Generation. Even though Kidd looks like a rude, brutal, and cold person, in fact he cares about his crew.


The proof is that he is always accompanied by the vice-captain, who is also his childhood friend, Killer. They already trust each other and Kidd always cares about Killer. In the Wano arc, Kidd was really sad and devastated when he found out that Killer was willing to sacrifice for him by being forced to eat the SMILE devil fruit. Also Kidd was devastated when he found out that his entire crew was scattered due to Kaido.

10 Greatest Captain and Vice-Captain Pair in One Piece!

7. Gol D. Roger and Silvers Rayleigh (Roger Pirates)

Lastly is the legendary pair between Roger and Rayleigh. Many say that the relationship between Zoro and Luffy is a reflection of the relationship between Roger and Rayleigh. Rayleigh was the first person who was invited / recruited by Roger to join his crew. And in every adventure, Rayleigh and Roger are always together.

10 Greatest Captain and Vice-Captain Pair in One Piece!

Because of their close relationship, the two of them no longer considered themselves captains and their deputies. The two of them already consider themselves partners. When Roger was executed by the navy, Rayleigh actually "celebrated" by laughing and drinking. He knew that what Roger was doing would spark the enthusiasm of the younger generation.

8. Whitebeard and Marco the Phoenix (Whitebeard Pirates)

As with Shanks and Ben, the close relationship between the captain and vice-captain was also shown by Whitebeard and Marco the Phoenix. Whitebeard is the only pirate known to date, never considering his crew as subordinates. Whitebeard considered them to be his children, part of a large family.

10 Greatest Captain and Vice-Captain Pair in One Piece!

Marco helps Whitebeard to keep this large family together. Marco always stood beside Whitebeard and ready to be Whitebeard's protector, anytime. An example is during the Great Marineford War. Marco was the one who stood beside Whitebeard while on Moby Dick. Marco was the one who immediately helped Whitebeard, when he was stabbed by Squard due to being influenced by Sakazuki.


9. Shanks and Ben Beckman (Red Hair Pirates)

The Red Hair pirate group is one of the most mysterious pirate groups. Although they have been shown several times, and appeared in the story, there is not much information that we can know about the crew. One of the information that is commonly known is that Shanks is the captain of the ship, and Ben Beckman is the vice captain of this group.

10 Greatest Captain and Vice-Captain Pair in One Piece!

Even though the entire crew of Shanks is known to have almost equal strength with each other, they still pay respect to Shanks and Ben considering Shanks and Ben's extraordinary charisma and Shanks' leadership is no less great. Ben is a figure who always appears with Shanks, besides Lucky Roo, for example when Shanks reads the news about Luffy's new bounty.

10. Monkey D. Luffy and Roronoa Zoro (Straw Hat Pirates)

It seems that all geeks already know who Luffy is, the captain of the Straw Hat group who dreams of becoming a pirate king. Luffy has always dreamed of becoming a pirate, to follow in the footsteps of his brothers, Sabo and Ace. And when he started his journey as a pirate, the first person he invited to join was the swordsman Roronoa Zoro.

10 Greatest Captain and Vice-Captain Pair in One Piece!

Luffy saved Zoro from execution, and asked him to join in. Although Zoro agreed, he promised to kill Luffy if he got in the way of his ambition as a worldwide swordsman. Just like Kidd, Zoro may look like a cold person, doesn't care about other people. But, in fact, he really cares about Luffy. For example, when he wanted to accept Luffy's pain which was transferred by Kuma to him.

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