5 Characteristics of Naruto After Becoming Hokage!


5 Characteristics of Naruto After Becoming Hokage!

The ending story of Naruto was able to shed tears for the fans. In the end, fans can see the touching and fun ending story of Uzumaki Naruto. Apart from turning him into a hero all over the world, Naruto was also able to realize his dream since childhood, namely to become Hokage. Not to mention, he married the figure who had loved him since childhood, Hinata Hyuga.

Indeed, it is not an easy thing for Naruto to make his dream come true. In fact, he had to train and work hard almost every day to become what he is today. Since Naruto served as Hokage in the village of Konoha, it can be seen clearly how big changes have happened to Naruto. At this point, he had completely changed. Then, what changes has he experienced?

Strongly Protects Konoha

Naruto teaches us a lesson not to respond negative with the same thing. As we know, since childhood Naruto has been very hostile and avoided by the people of Konoha, because he is considered a monster. In Naruto's body there is a creature that once destroyed Konoha and killed many lives.

5 Characteristics of Naruto After Becoming Hokage!

However, Naruto's attitude towards them was never different. From the first, Naruto has remained in love with Konoha. In fact, since becoming Hokage, Naruto has become a very over protective figure towards his village. The fact is that when Momoshiki appeared during the Chuunin exams, Naruto allowed himself to be arrested for the safety of the residents.

More serious

5 Characteristics of Naruto After Becoming Hokage!

Fans who have followed Naruto's story from the start must have known that Naruto was stupid, liked to joke, and was fun. However, a big difference was shown by Naruto when he grew up and became a Hokage. Naruto became a more serious person. He fully understands that different situations require different approaches. In fact, you could say that Naruto, who usually always acts without thinking, is now calmer and more sensible in dealing with situations.


Get Stronger

Perhaps this change is one of the most obvious changes in Naruto today. However, this change feels extraordinary, especially for fans who have followed the story of Naruto from the start. Naruto at first was an ordinary child who found it difficult to learn a Jutsu. Slowly, Naruto began to catch up.

5 Characteristics of Naruto After Becoming Hokage!

Beginning with Kagebunshin's stance, Naruto began to learn various Jutsu and now he, too, Naruto still proves that he can still develop. After the last time Naruto got a power increase in the form of chakra from Hagoromo Otsutsuki, in chapter 51 yesterday we saw how Naruto got a new power, namely Baryon Mode.

Good Politician

A leader certainly cannot do everything by only relying on strength and muscle. It also takes cooperation and good thoughts so that everything goes perfectly. Luckily, Naruto is a figure very well known by various shinobi villages. His reputation in the eyes of other villages is very high. That's why Naruto was able to create a good relationship between the shinobi villages.

5 Characteristics of Naruto After Becoming Hokage!

Naruto managed to bring Konoha and other shinobi villages to go about everything politically. Thanks to Naruto, Konoha was successfully trusted again to host the Chuunin exam. Overall, the world owes a debt of gratitude to the figure of Naruto because without his role, maybe now the world is destroyed and in chaos.


Willing to Sacrifice Life

Not everyone wants to involve themselves in a problem or situation. However, for Naruto, as a Hokage it felt like it had become normal for him. Naruto has helped many other people's lives at the cost of his own life. And when he became Hokage Naruto never hesitated to do this for the common good.

5 Characteristics of Naruto After Becoming Hokage!

In Momoshiki's attack on Konoha, Naruto didn't attack or do anything to Momoshiki. It was solely for the sake of protecting the people of Konoha so that Momoshiki would not do anything to them. And most recently, he is willing to activate Baryon Mode to defeat Isshiki Otsutsuki.

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