5 Dark Secrets Devil Gundam! Not Many Fans Know About It


5 Dark Secrets Devil Gundam! Not Many Fans Know About It

Of all the Gundams in the franchise, there are some Gundams that are actually evil and really like fighting, violence, and really scary. One of them is the very popular JDG-00X Devil Gundam. Devil Gundam itself is the Ultimate Gundam in the story in the Mobile Fighter G Gundam anime series. And in the series, Devil Gundam becomes a very strange and most terrifying mecha.

Maybe some geeks are curious, how can a mobile suit turn evil. The reason that makes the most sense is that there are various dark secrets behind it all. Then, what are the dark secrets possessed by a terrible Gundam like the Devil Gundam? The following is the discussion.

1. Requires Human Life To Function

5 Dark Secrets Devil Gundam! Not Many Fans Know About It

One of the terrible things about Devil Gundam is that to be active, it takes one human life - and most of them are women. Ryoji was originally the main source of strength for the Devil Gundam. However, it turned out that the strength provided was not enough. Finally, Master Asia attempted to make Domo, the strongest Gundam Fighter on planet Earth, become a source of power for the Devil Gundam.

Unfortunately, it turns out that Devil Gundam doesn't really like men as a source of energy. Devil Gundam prefers women to be the source of his strength. Because the Devil Gundam is able to duplicate itself, a woman who is able to give birth turns out to be able to merge with the power of the Devil Gundam and regenerate her body massively.

When the Devil Gundam has Domon's lover, Rain, as a source of energy, Devil Gundam finally has the ability to take over the entire Japanese colony, and turn it into a Devil Gundam colony.


2. Able to Regenerate - Though Imperfect

5 Dark Secrets Devil Gundam! Not Many Fans Know About It

When Dr. Kashuu introduces his creation, Ultimate Gundam, the Japanese military, led by Major Ulube Ishikawa, tries to steal it. Son of Dr. Kashuu then took control of his Gundam and then tried to leave the earth. Unfortunately, Ultimate Gundam must burn in the earth's atmosphere and be destroyed.

But, Ultimate Gundam can still survive. He is able to regenerate. Unfortunately, this regeneration process will never be perfect. Although his body parts can physically regenerate, the program in him is really messy, messy, and must be reprogrammed. With the ability to do independent evolution, that is the reason why Ultimate Gundam sees humans as a threat and turns into Devil Gundam. If only other than physical, the program in Ultimate Gundam could adapt to the old program, maybe this mecha or mobile suit would never be a killing machine.

3. Able to Resurrect Those Who Are Dead

5 Dark Secrets Devil Gundam! Not Many Fans Know About It

Ryoji uses Devil Gundam to create a clone of Schwarz Brother using DG Cells or Devil Gundam cells. However, even though Schwarz was successfully revived, and also Ryoji's lack of adding the Devil Gundam materials, the "new" Schwars ended up being controlled by the passion of the Devil Gundam.

Devil Gundam can also restore a person from the dead and restore his life. An example is Gentle Chapman, the legendary Gundam Fighter from Neo-Britain. Chapman was previously killed while fighting Domon Kashuu. Chapman. However, his body was later found by the Devil Gundam and then his body was put in DG Cells.

Unfortunately, even though Chapman managed to come back to life, the Chapman figure who was before was not there. Chapman who has been mixed with DG Cells actually turns into a terrible figure, who becomes a slave to Devil Gundam. Zombie Chapman controls his Grand Gundam under the influence of the Devil Gundam.

4. Designed to develop independently

5 Dark Secrets Devil Gundam! Not Many Fans Know About It

Devil Gundam itself was originally created as the Ultimate Gundam by Dr. Kashuu - the father of the protagonist in the G Gundam series, Domon Kashuu. The philosophy held by Dr. Kashuu when creating the Gundam was creating a machine capable of healing itself, capable of duplicating itself, and capable of developing independently.

However, what Dr. Kashuu is that all of his philosophies actually result in "side effects" that occur. This was proven when Ultimate Gundam later evolved into Devil Gundam. Dr. Kashuu himself deliberately created the Ultimate Gundam to protect the earth, and also help the earth to become better.


In the story in G Gundam, the earth has become a battleground for Gundam Fights - a tournament held every four years to determine which country will rule the planet. As a result of this, the earth was destroyed, and most humans had moved from the earth.

When Ultimate Gundam accidentally falls on earth, the Gundam begins to observe a lot. After making observations, and thanks to the ability to evolve independently, finally the Devil Gundam realizes that the greatest threat from all of these realms is humans. Because of that, Devil Gundam then has a mission to destroy all mankind in order to save the earth. How ironic.

5. Able to Give Birth to a New Gundam or Better Known as the Nanomachine Virus

5 Dark Secrets Devil Gundam! Not Many Fans Know About It

The Devil Gundam's ability to replicate itself can be done in two ways. The first is to produce Gundam from within the body or to produce a viru nanomachine or a nano machine virus which is then spread by contact. Death Army is an army of Gundam capable of creating itself, and is an army of Devil Gundam.

They pass the information received to the main unit. When the Devil Gundam fused with his colony, he was able to create a very strong army to destroy all Gundam Fighters. Of the many Devil Gundam creations, Four Heavenly Kings are some of them. Four Heavenly Kings are the four strongest Gundam Fighters belonging to the Devil Gundam who take part in the fight against Domon and his allies.

The cells of the Devil Gundam are really very evil, where the cells of the Devil Gundam are nano machines capable of taking over humans. In addition, cells from the Devil Gundam are also able to strengthen the abilities of the Gundams. If the cells then infect humans, they will get unique abilities, increase the body's vitality, strength, and even be able to regenerate. However, if they get hit by this virus they will think the same thing as Devil Gundam.

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