5 Most Memorable Moments for Boruto Fans in 2020!


5 Most Memorable Moments for Boruto Fans in 2020!

2020 will be a big year for the manga Boruto: Naruto Next Generation. Each new chapter that is shown further clarifies what Kara's goals are and also what Jigen's goals are with the organization. Readers get a feel for Akatsuki when they first appear in the manga series, but then slowly we begin to know what the group's true purpose is.

They want to destroy the world by resuming their postponed mission, namely planting sacred trees, then getting the perfect vessel which is none other than Kawaki. Of the many things that appeared in 2020 in the Boruto manga, there are some moments that are considered the most exciting moments of the year. Anything?

1. Boruto Pierced Sasuke's Eye

5 Most Memorable Moments for Boruto Fans in 2020!

Besides Kawaki who managed to defeat Isshiki, another surprise from chapter 53 was when Boruto who was influenced by Momoshiki, stabbed Sasuke's left eye. As a result, Sasuke was unable to see and he had to lose his Rinnegan. This makes the situation not getting better, it is getting worse.

This means that Naruto now has to fight against Momoshiki in order to save the child. And even though sasuke will help Naruto, his strength will never be 100% considering he is now blind too. It is still unknown what will happen to Boruto next. Would Naruto be willing to kill his own son for the sake of everyone?


2. Kaguya's Past Revealed

5 Most Memorable Moments for Boruto Fans in 2020!

In the Naruto series, at first many thought that Kaguya only came to Earth by himself and tried to take over the planet, planting a sacred tree. However, in chapter 46, we later learned that Kaguya did not come alone. It turns out that in every mission to take over a planet, the Otsutsuki Clan will send two of their members.

One person will become a sacrifice from the process of planting this holy tree. Kaguya itself should be a "sacrifice" from planting sacred trees on earth. And his partner himself is Isshiki. Kaguya actually betrayed Isshiki, until he was unconscious and had to enter the body of a monk named Jigen. Isshiki then found out about Kawaki's figure, that's why he then made Kawaki a target to become his perfect vessel. This is what Kara was created for from the start.

3. Naruto Baryon Mode

5 Most Memorable Moments for Boruto Fans in 2020!

This is the most memorable moment that happened in 2020 in the Boruto manga. In fact, you could say this is one of the most exciting moments in the franchise's history. Naruto and Sasuke are really struggling in dealing with Isshiki. They couldn't do anything, because Isshiki's strength was far above their level. In fact, it was very difficult to launch an attack.

Realizing that he was helpless, Naruto agreed to the method offered by Kurama. They have to unite their chakra power into one which ultimately results in the formidable Baryon Mode. This Baryon Mode is able to overwhelm Isshiki and surrender. His life was drastically reduced from 72 hours to just a few minutes. However, what made a scene was that Baryon Mode really risked Naruto's life, so many suspected that Naruto would die inside. Luckily, Naruto didn't die.


4. Kashin Koji True Identity

5 Most Memorable Moments for Boruto Fans in 2020!

It has long been speculated that Kashin Koji has some kind of affiliation or connection with Konoha, because he is able to bypass the chakra separator and the sensor ninja. There is a theory that Kashin Koji is the son of Jiraiya and is also a figure of Jiraiya from the future. In Boruto chapter 47 it was later revealed that Kashin Koji was actually a clone of Jiraiya.

This was expressed by Isshiki himself, as the figure who created Kashin Koji. However, we still don't know how Kara cloned Jiraiya. Jiraiya himself in the Naruto series was shown dead, and his body was accidentally dumped in the ocean by Akatsuki. The fate of Kashin Koji himself is currently unknown, but he was last seen dying and unable to move his body after Isshiki hit him with large boxes.

5. Isshiki's death

5 Most Memorable Moments for Boruto Fans in 2020!

At the end of chapter 53 Isshiki finally had to face his death after he failed to transfer the Karma seal to Kawaki's body. With Kawaki's intelligence, he immediately thought of using Kagebunshin and didn't refuse when his body was imbued with the Karma seal. However, after Isshiki was completely exhausted, it was revealed that the figure was not the real Kawaki but Kagebunshin.

The real Kawaki then appeared from behind the rock and immediately destroyed Isshiki. Finally, after a tiring battle, Isshiki was defeated. However, what was surprising was that it wasn't Sasuke or Naruto - or even Boruto who killed Isshiki, but Kawaki. Apart from that, Isshiki was also defeated by an unexpected “basic” technique.

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