Answer to the Mystery of Sabo's Death Again?


Answer to the Mystery of Sabo's Death Again?

In One Piece chapter 956, a big news was reported by the Morgans newspaper that shook the whole world. In fact, the news also shocked and worried the Revolutionary Army. First is the news that the Shichibukai system is being disbanded, according to the results of the agreement in the Reverie. And other news is the news about the death of Sabo's figure in Mary Geoise.

A week after the big event, the royal leaders who participated in the Reverie returned to their homes. Morgans and his team then compiled the stories that happened during the Reverie, and considering that Morgans presented sensitive news, there were representatives from the World Government who wanted to try to change the story, but Morgan refused.

The World Government seems to have failed to cover up some of the important events of these events, which then made headlines in the Morgan newspaper, and made all residents in the world of One Piece shocked and did not believe what had happened. The news about Sabo's death really hit a lot of people.


We see how Koala cries and is sad to see the news, while Dragon and the others try to find out the truth. Then on the other side, Makino and Dadan were flooded with tears seeing the news. They had to lose the figure they knew again, after they had previously lost Ace.

Answer to the Mystery of Sabo's Death Again?

The question then is whether Sabo really died? According to Garp, something had previously happened in the Arabasta kingdom, the home of Nefertari Vivi. It is possible that the World Government is trying to come up with a grand scenario. They attempted to kill Cobra and then scapegoat Sabo for it. However, Sabo ran away with Vivi.


The World Government does not want this news to spread throughout the world, because it will make them look very weak. If indeed Sabo was killed or captured, it seems that the World Government will not bother asking people to ask Morgan to delete his story. The reaction of the Revolutionary Army was more likely to be disappointment and surprise than sadness. They know how capable Sabo is, so it is difficult for them to believe in it.

Did Sabo really run away with Vivi? Where did they run away? How are they really? In his message at the 2019 Jump Festa event yesterday, Oda Sensei told us that in the Wanokuni arc we will see how Sabo's fate is reportedly in a dire state. Unfortunately, until yesterday's Chapter 1000, we never knew what happened to Sabo. We are just waiting, geeks, how the story of the sabo goes.

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