Attack on Titan: Has Eren Jaeger Dead?


Attack on Titan: Has Eren Jaeger Dead?

Currently, all the forces in the world of Attack on Titan, be it the Warrior Unit, Marley's military forces, or even the Survey Corps are working together to stop the doomsday event for mankind, namely Rumbling. They forget their differences and unite at least between the Survey corps and the Warriors - to face the same enemy, Eren Jaeger.

Using the power of Ymir Fritz's Founding Titan, Eren initiates the Rumbling event, which destroys almost the entire territory outside Paradis. Rumbling itself is an event where the Founding Titan activates its berserk mode and orders tens of millions of Titans to move and destroy all humans, without mercy.

And proven, the alliance forces were overwhelmed by the invasion of these millions of Titans. Their lives are really at stake to stop these terrible events. However, the question then is where is Eren's position now? Was the giant, elongated figure appearing only in bone form, Eren? There is an interesting theory which states that Eren might have died.


A Reddit user by the name of MrJcarter, explained his opinion on the possibility that Eren was dead. According to the theory Eren is dead or at least he is trapped between the world of Titan (Path) and the real world. According to him, when Gabi shot Eren in the head, so that a part of the spine that looked like a centipede came out of his body, in fact Eren was already dead.

Even if maybe Eren survived but, the head or brain was barely functioning until the last moment where he managed to make contact with Zeke, used the power of the Founding Titan, and succeeded in initiating the Rumbling event. Then, why is it then that Eren is assumed to be dead? This can be seen from the giant form or the form of Founding Titan Eren.

Attack on Titan: Has Eren Jaeger Dead?

Of course, seeing that the Founding Titan Eren has no flesh, only bones, with a long body size. Only in the head can we see its complete shape. This can be compared to the figure of Ymir Fritz's Founding Titan, which is full of flesh, muscles, just like Titan in general and not bones like Eren's Founding Titan.


Usually, those who have the power of Titan or Titan Shifter will have the ability to heal themselves. However, we can see what happened to Founding Titan Eren. How did it happen? It was probably because Eren's consciousness was still not perfect. He was trapped between two realms / worlds, only when Ymir Fritz died would Eren really die.

Attack on Titan: Has Eren Jaeger Dead?

Also when we see how this Rumbling event happened, Eren is not in the front position, leading the Titans. He just advances alongside the other Titan walls like a zombie whose mind or brain is dead. Only his body was moving, but his brain could no longer function normally. We can see how Zeke is trapped in the Path world, and Eren himself is nowhere to be seen in the real world.

If Eren was still alive, why didn't he show up in this dire situation? Doesn't Eren really care about his friends? As mentioned above, Eren's consciousness was not in place because his consciousness was trapped between the two worlds. Currently, Pieck and Jean are trying to detonate a bomb on Eren's back neck. Let's just look forward to what will happen geeks after they managed to detonate the bomb. Eren either survived or in the end Eren will really die.

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