Black Clover: Did Charlotte Really Become the Hero Who Defeats the Demon Megicula?


Black Clover: Did Charlotte Really Become the Hero Who Defeats the Demon Megicula?

In order to increase the chances of winning against the Dark Triads, each of the Magic Knight teams had someone who had experience fighting with them or possessed magical abilities that could repel all of the demonic powers. As for Charlotte's case, she lacked both. In Black Clover Manga Chapter 277 yesterday, we saw Megicula have to face Charlotte and Rill, and the battle itself already feels very one-sided.

Megicula is an expert in curses and is able to use other magicians to fight for her. However, unbeknownst to Megicula, Charlotte has something she doesn't know. Charlotte unseals the curse on her to use the extraordinary ability, Queen of Briars.

Charlotte herself received the curse of briar (black rose) magic when she was young. However, by studying and controlling the curse on her, Charlotte was finally able to get through the hardships she was experiencing. In a flashback moment, it is discovered that he has specifically studied Rune Arrays from the Heart kingdom, which bear similarities to his curse symbol.


Charlotte also finds out that the source of all the curses in the Black Clover world is actually from the same person, none other than Megicula. This battle between Charlotte and Megiculla doesn't seem like an accident. With what he did previously by learning the Briar Curse, allowed him to use Rune Arrays to unlock huge potential in him.

In addition, by using the Rune Array Charlotte also developed a new magic ability, Modified Briar Magic: Blue Rose Paradise. The method of this magic technique is to find and absorb the curse that is then transformed into a blooming blue rose. The stronger the curse, the greater this technique will absorb the curse.

So, using Charlotte's briar technique is certainly very useful when dealing with Megicula, considering that she is the source of all curse power. When this blue rose technique is able to absorb the curse, Charlotte also releases a whip or rope made of red roses for a devastating attack.

In other words, Queen of Briars makes Charlotte a figure capable of defeating various curse techniques and also able to unlock its greatest potential. However, instead of being afraid or worried, Megicula was happy that she had finally found a balanced opponent. Unfortunately, the power of the roses renders all of Megicula's curses useless.


While everything was going fast at first, Queen of Briars was able to provide a big change in the battle between Charlotte and Megicula. Megicula herself was surprised by this ability, but it might be too early to celebrate the victory. The reason is, the power of the curse has various functions and forms. So that defeating the source of all curses with ease seemed impossible.

It is not impossible if Megicula actually did not bring out her true abilities, playing with Charlotte's strength to prepare for a real battle. The fact that what he is looking for is Noelle and Asta, can be interpreted that Charlotte is not someone who can beat him easily. So, the real battle has just started, let's look forward to what will happen geeks when Noelle and Asta finally join the other Magic Knights.

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