Chronology of the Robbery at Yuria Satomi's Home, and the Arrest of the Mastermind


Chronology of the Robbery at Yuria Satomi's Home, and the Arrest of the Mastermind

Tokyo police have arrested a young man suspected of being the mastermind of the robbery at the home of famous actress Yuria Satomi. Reported by Fuji News Network as reported by The Tokyo Reporter, KI, allegedly ordered 3 youths to rob Yuria Satomi in her apartment on October 27, 2020. KI himself denied the accusation and claimed that he had nothing to do with the incident.

Yuria Satomi, this famous Japanese actress, as previously reported, has just experienced a robbery case, in which her apartment room was ransacked by irresponsible persons, so that the famous actress lost 6 million yen in cash. Even though the money will be used for beauty treatments. Fortunately, later the police managed to arrest the perpetrators, and secured 4 million yen in cash.

Syahdan on Monday morning, October 26, 2020, a number of men dressed as deliverymen came to hers apartment room, rebuking Yuria Satomi for being in arrears in taxes of 100 million yen, and they intended to collect her. The irresponsible people then ransacked hers room, and immediately fled after robbing hers money. According to Yuria Satomi, the robbers were wearing earphones and seemed to be receiving directions from someone.

Yuria Satomi, who made her debut as a famous actress at the age of 18, has indeed experienced several tax problems, in 2007 and 2013. She herself is currently still in tax arrears of 115 million yen. Even so, she refused to be called evading taxes


Reported by Tokyo Sports, TBS News, and Fuji News Network as reported by The Tokyo Reporter, the 3 irresponsible actors came to hers house disguised as a delivery officer. But after Yuria Satomi opened the door for them, she felt something strange and immediately closed the door. But the perpetrator instead tried to push the door roughly until she shouted and tried to close the door again. Unfortunately hers efforts failed, and the perpetrator managed to break into hers room.

After entering the famous actress's room, a perpetrator starts ransacking her room, while her partner holds the famous actress's hand, complete with threatening statements that she had stabbed someone before. This caused Yuria Satomi to panic absurdly. Moreover, hers hand was also held quite roughly by the perpetrator, leaving a scar.

Fortunately, thanks to the apartment's CCTV footage, the police were able to immediately arrest the perpetrators, who all live in Chiba. They are a 19 year old restaurant waiter, a 17 year old painter, and also a 19 year old student who acts as the driver for the other robbers. Unfortunately the police only managed to find 4 million yen in cash, 2 million yen less than the total amount robbed, which was 6 million yen.

Yuria Satomi herself thought that the robbers were in cahoots with "insiders". This is based on the fact that the robbers know where the apartment is, as well as personal information about her. Until now, the police are still looking for the remaining 2 million yen that is still missing.

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