Deadpool 3 is Confirmed Join the MCU, is it Still Brutal and Gore?


Deadpool 3 is Confirmed Join the MCU, is it Still Brutal and Gore?

Deadpool 3 has officially been confirmed as a new member of the MCU. This was expressed by the President of Marvel Studios, Kevin Feige, in an interview with Collider. But even though it is now under the auspices of the MCU, Kevin Feige emphasized that Deadpool is still a film with the R-Rated label, in contrast to other MCU films labeled PG-13.

This means that we still see the ridiculousness and brutality of this character. Moreover, the actor who is closely related to his role, Ryan Reynolds, also remains behind the Deadpool mask. He will also intensely oversee the script writing for this film, as in the first and second Deadpool films. Besides that, Feige also emphasized that this film will at least not be produced until 2022. So you could say Ryan and the writing team had plenty of time to finalize the script.


Deadpool 3 is Confirmed Join the MCU, is it Still Brutal and Gore?

This news is certainly the news that fans have been waiting for, after Disney acquisition of 20th Century Fox. This is because Fox owns the properties of the X-Men films we have seen, including Deadpool. Initially, many thought that Deadpool could not possibly be adapted by Marvel Studios, which was under Disney's auspices.

Of course, because Marvel Studios and its MCU are quite attached to producing PG-13 films. However, Kevin Feige's commitment to satisfying fans seems no joke, because now they dare to get out of their habit of working on an R-Rated film for Deadpool.


Now, Marvel Studios' biggest problem is explaining the existence of mutants in the MCU. Because so far there hasn't been a single MCU film that discusses mutants. However, some fans believe that Mutants will be introduced in the MCU's premiere series, WandaVision, which will help connect the MCU and mutant worlds.

It makes sense because this series will reportedly mess up the reality of the MCU, but is that true for the X-Men and especially the mutants? We still have to wait for the broadcast next week on the Disney + app.

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