Dressing Up Like Woman, This Man Was Caught When He Entered Women's Bath


Dressing Up Like Woman, This Man Was Caught When He Entered Women's Bath

Recently the Hiroshima police were confused in assigning criminal cases to the suspect. The reason is that a man has to deal with the police after successfully entering the women's bath just dressing like a woman.

Reporting from JapanToday. Hiroshima Police managed to arrest a man, HN (36), entered the women's bath in the city of Fukuyama on Sunday, January 24, 2021. At the time of the incident, HN, who is known to be a teacher, wore a wig and female makeup to trick the public bathing staff.

According to local police, the perpetrator was arrested because of reports from other visitors who saw that there was a woman who had unusual physiological characteristics, such as an Adam's apple or different body muscles. However, all the information that has been given by the staff of the public bath needs further investigation so that the verdict is more fair.

HN himself acknowledges this lecherous behavior and apologizes to all those who have been harmed by his behavior. The sanctions that will be faced by the perpetrators are not only receiving the criminal sanction of imprisonment, but also dealing with the removal of the status of the teacher concerned from the Hiroshima prefectural education council.


Netizen reactions varied in responding to the incident. Some netizens regretted that this lecherous act was carried out by a teacher who should be a role model for society and the environment. In addition, in the midst of the massive LGBT issue around the world, especially in Japan, some netizens have questioned the police action which is considered a criminal act. Maybe the perpetrator is indeed a transgender person. However, there has been no further information regarding this case and it is necessary to further explore some of the evidence at the scene as well as information on the gender status of the perpetrator.

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