Episode 5 of Attack on Titan Final Season Reveals Rumbling History!


Episode 5 of Attack on Titan Final Season Reveals Rumbling History!

The fifth episode of the Attack on Titan anime series is the starting point for the culmination of the final season of the series. The fifth episode entitled Declaration of War not only surprised Willy Tybur, but also everyone who attended the performance in the refugee area. They were shocked and did not know what they saw.

When Marley's country is preparing to invade Paradis Island again and take the power of Founding Titan, Willy Tybur, a representative of the Tybur family who is the heir of the War Hammer Titan, holds a drama stage where the story presents the history of the dispute between Eldian and Marley, and of course the history of the formation of Titan. .

However, what was the surprise of the show was Willy Tybur revealing the true facts behind all known history. Willy reveals that Helos is a fake hero. He also recounts the true fact that King Fritz who is the real hero along with the Tybur family.

Episode 5 of Attack on Titan Final Season Reveals Rumbling History!


Willy then says that the world is currently back in a dangerous situation. The world is under threat from one of the inhabitants of the island of Paradis, who is none other than Eren Yeager. Willy started his speech by giving the audience a memory of Eldian's terrible past, where they used Titan's powers to take over the world, including Marley.

Willy then reveals the true facts about Helos, that in fact Helos is just a fabrication of Karl Fritz and the Tybur family, who really want peace. Willy also then explained that the Rumbling threat that was issued by Karl Fritz and became something that frightened Marley and all nations, did not exist.

Episode 5 of Attack on Titan Final Season Reveals Rumbling History!

In the history that many Marley residents know, the Rumbling incident was a threat that Karl Fritz issued to any nation that tried to disturb their peace. The Rumbling Incident itself was when the Founding Titan ordered all the Titans on the island of Paradis, which number in the millions, to then trample any human or nation without mercy.


This is what then makes Marley try to find out who owns the Founding Titan, and seizes his power. This was done solely according to them in order to save the world. This is also the reason why later they chose several people to become the owners of the Titan power Reiner, Annie, Marcel, and Bertholt and then infiltrated the island of Paradis.

But, the real fact is that Karl Fritz wanted to live in peace with his people, so he brought as many Eldians as possible to move to the island of Paradis, and used his Founding Titan powers to turn millions of Colossal Titans into protective walls, and the Eldians too. memory erased.

Episode 5 of Attack on Titan Final Season Reveals Rumbling History!

Since now the power of Founding Titan is not in the hands of Karl Fritz, and is known to be owned by Eren Yeager, finally Willy asked for help in the form of support and enthusiasm from everyone there. And then the show ended with a declaration of war on the island of Paradis, as the title suggests.


On the other hand, Eren and Reiner finally meet again in a dungeon, accompanied by Falco. Pieck and Porco themselves are trapped by a mysterious figure, where they are both trapped in a deep and narrow hole. That would prevent them from turning into Titans. This meeting of Eren and Reiner really made Reiner scared and didn't believe it.

Reiner couldn't believe that Eren could be right before his eyes, infiltrating enemy territory. This is where Eren says that he and Reiner are no different. They are willing to enter enemy territory, infiltrate, for the sake of the mission they are on. And at the end of the story, Eren shows his Titan form, which destroys the entire stage of the show. Willy himself couldn't believe what he saw and was surprised to see Eren's figure suddenly appearing. Episode 5 really brings out something really extraordinary, which is the beginning of the peak story of the series.

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