Gabe Newell Is Developing A Game That Can Be Controlled By Brain


Gabe Newell Is Developing A Game That Can Be Controlled By Brain

Gabe Newell is one of the most influential figures in the video game industry. Starting as a Microsoft employee, now Gabe Newell has his own game company, Valve Software. Since then, Valve has continued to achieve success thanks to various games developed such as Portal, Half-Life, Counter-Strike, DoTA and so on. Not only games, Valve now also has one of the largest PC game distribution services, Steam.

Since being absent for several years without releasing a game, Valve finally released its newest game in 2020, namely Half-Life: Alyx. The game achieved great success due to its innovative gameplay and won the award for Best VR Games at The Game Awards. Thanks to this success, Valve also intends to be active again in game development. In addition, Valve is now also developing the latest innovation, namely direct game control using the brain with Brain-Computer Interface or BCI technology. [post_ads]

through an interview by 1 News, Gabe Newell explained that the future of the video game industry will shift to BCI technology. Newell also stated that currently Valve is working on the BCI software which is planned to be released in open-source. This aims to make it easier for other developers to use this technology.

Gabe Newell Is Developing A Game That Can Be Controlled By Brain

The BCI technology is planned to be applied to a device such as a headset that will pick up signals from the player's brain while playing games. So, BCI will read the wishes of these players. For example, if the player feels the game is too easy, then the difficulty will be increased or if the player is off guard, a jumpscare will appear. [post_ads_2]

Although this technology is quite interesting, Gabe Newell himself admits that BCI has various risks. He said that the technology was vulnerable enough to be tapped by hackers and could also affect the health of the users. So, Newell will install a "security" on the software so that it can be used more safely.

Currently, BCI technology development is still in its early stages so there is not much information that can be shared. However, Newell stated that the development of this project was quite rapid and running smoothly. In an interview with IGN, Gabe Newell also said that connecting the stimulant cortex with the visual cortex is actually easier than imagined. But of course this needs to be studied further to avoid various risks and other mistakes.

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