Huening Kai Reveals The Smartest Member In TXT, Who?


Huening Kai Reveals The Smartest Member In TXT, Who?

TXT is a group that has a fairly small number of members with five members, each member can shine brighter and show their best abilities. Regarding who has the most brain energy, Huening Kai chose which member he can't beat.

Teen Vogue asked Huening Kai which member could create truly innovative creations for everyday life. There was only one person he had in mind who could do such a difficult thing.

Huening Kai chose Taehyun and praised him as the smartest member among the other TXT members. The half-blood idol said, "I chose Taehyun because he is the smartest member of the group," said Huening Kai.


With his intelligence, Taehyun is able to make all kinds of gadgets that make life easier for everyone. Huening Kai revealed, "I think he can make something very useful for everyday use."

Even though Taehyun is famous for his funny or intellectual lines, he can use that huge brain energy to use for some unique inventions. If TVXQ's U-Know Yunho can come up with a mask invention, Taehyun is probably the next idol to come up with something useful.

Meanwhile, TXT recently released a music video for their Japanese song "Blue Hour". The song is the title track of their Japanese debut album "Still Dreaming".

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