Japanese Masturbation Company Will Launch a Rocket Into Space


Japanese Masturbation Company Will Launch a Rocket Into Space

TENGA, a legendary consumer good brand in Japan, has announced its partnership with Interstellar Technologies (IST) to launch TENGA ROCKET into space. This launch is planned to take place in the summer of this year. There is still no certainty regarding the exact date.

Koichi Matsumoto as the founder of TENGA said that his party would launch a TENGA rocket containing a message to send love and freedom from space, across all borders of various countries and races. He also wanted that mankind could use its products in space at some point in the future.

3 missions of the TENGA ROCKET project include:

  1. Collect messages from 1000 people, write them together, and enter them into the TENGA MESSAGE POD. [post_ads]
  2. The official character of TENGA, "TENGA ROBO" will be launched on the rocket. The plan is that this mascot will be deployed using a parachute after arriving in space.
  3. Starting the development of "TENGA for Space".

The plan is to make the TENGA ROCKET project a reality, a fundraising program through CAMPFIRE which will be open from February 1, 2021 to April 28, 2021. To celebrate the opening of this project, the “TENGA STORE ROKYO” exhibition will be held at Hankyu Men's Tokyo. The event will be limited to 27 January to 2 March 2021. Several rocket replicas and products from IST and TENGA will be exhibited.

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