Kevin Feige Denies Wolverine Cast Rumors!


Kevin Feige Denies Wolverine Cast Rumors!

Kevin Feige, President of Marvel Studios, has denied rumors of some of Hugh Jackman's replacement actors as Wolverine. This one character is very loved by fans. Moreover, Hugh Jackman is one of the actors who is considered very good at playing Wolverine's persona, much like Robert Downey in the role of Iron Man.

But unfortunately in the end Hugh Jackman decided to retire from this character after he starred in his last solo film, Logan. In fact, now 20th Century Fox has been acquired by Disney, which means that many characters from the X-Men universe will join the MCU, such as Deadpool. This then made fans start speculating, which actor would be the right actor to play Wolverine in the MCU? There were names like Taron Egerton, Shia LaBeouf, and Tom Hardy. But Kevin Feige finally denied this, as in the quote below:

Hugh Jackman has done an amazing job with the character over the years, and I think they have to take a little break before anyone can replace him.


This means that it is implicitly possible that we will not be able to see the MCU version of Wolverine in the near future. One reason it may be difficult enough to imagine another actor replacing the iconic Hugh Jackman. Therefore, it definitely requires very mature preparation and the right actors to avoid blunders.

Even so, until then it seems that the discussion about a replacement actor for Wolverine will continue to be debated by fans, both on social media and other internet forums. Of course that's not a problem either, because it's only natural that big characters like Wolverine continue to create high fan hype. And well, who knows Marvel Studios will be inspired to get a replacement for Hugh Jackman from the fan debate.

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