Morbius Movie Release Postponed Again!


Morbius Movie Release Postponed Again!

Today, Sony announced that the Morbius film would not be released on March 19, 2021. The studio decided to postpone the release of the film for another seven months. That means, the new Morbius film will be released on October 8, 2021. That way, the Morbius film will be released in theaters after 15 months of delay, from its original release schedule in July 2020. This delay is due to the pandemic that is still happening around the world, so that Sony decided to postpone the release of Morbius again.


Because it has been delayed again for a long time, it is likely that Sony will release a new trailer in the next few months. This is because the final trailer for the Morbius film was released last year and Sony needed promotional material to increase the hype for the Morbius film ahead of its release. Sony itself previously released a Marvel film in October. The film was Venom and the film release proved a success.

Morbius Movie Release Postponed Again!


So for those of you who are unfamiliar with Morbius, Morbius is a biochemist who suffers from a rare blood disorder. Once upon a time, Morbius tried to cure his illness with an experimental drug. The drug did make Morbius recover, but there were other effects he suffered. Morbius underwent drastic physical changes, where he was like a vampire. Apart from his physical form, his behavior turns into a vampire and he must consume blood to live.

The Morbius film is part of Sony's Universe of Marvel Characters. Sony's Universe of Marvel Characters itself made its cinematic debut in 2018 with the film Venom. Due to its success in becoming the opening film, Sony continues the cinematic universe with this Morbius film. Morbius is also a villain for Spider-Man. But he is not as iconic as other Spider-Man villains like Venom and Green Goblin.

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