One Piece: Answering the Secret Ability of Zoro Demon Eye?


One Piece: Answering the Secret Ability of Zoro Demon Eye?

The battle between Worst Generation and two strong Yonko, Kaido and Big Mom, is resumed in the latest chapter of the One Piece Manga. The climax battle between Kaido and Big Mom against Luffy and the other four Worst Generations Zoro, Law, Killer, and Kid finally begins. After their long struggle towards the roof of Kaido's palace, they finally arrived at Kaido's palace in chapter 1000 yesterday.

And at the end of chapter 1000 we saw Luffy starting an attack on Kaido, with his new technique Red Roc. In chapter 1001 we then saw how the abilities of the Worst Generations were. Kaido himself called them "little monsters" thanks to the strength they showed in the battle.

Talking about the new techniques and techniques used in this battle, there are interesting things shown in chapter 1001. The interesting thing is that Zoro used Kinemon's fire cutting technique to destroy Big Mom's attack on Luffy. There are several points as to why the attack became so attractive.


First, this is the first time Zoro has used someone else's technique. As far as Zoro appears in the One Piece story, it seems like he has never even used someone else's technique against an enemy. Zoro is always confident in using his sword techniques. For example, against Diamond Jozu, against Pica, and so on.

One Piece: Answering the Secret Ability of Zoro Demon Eye?

However, it is interesting to see how Zoro uses other people's techniques to defeat his enemies. It is still not known the exact reason why Zoro used Kinemon's technique. However, it is possible that Zoro realized that the opponent he was facing was no random figure, and Zoro had seen Kinemon's “Foxfire Style” technique since the Dressrosa arc.


Maybe, seeing Luffy being attacked by Luffy by Big Mom's fire attack, Zoro didn't think much about then using the technique. This was solely done for the sake of protecting the comrade who was also the captain. And even though this was the first time Zoro used the technique, Zoro managed to split Promotheus's body.

Actually, Kinemon's Foxfire technique has similarities with one of Zoro's techniques, Hiryu: Kaen or Flaming Flash. Does that mean Zoro's Flaming Flash isn't stronger than Kinemon's Foxfire? We still have to dig deeper. What is certain is that Zoro has succeeded in imitating the abilities that are characteristic of the Kinemon.

One Piece: Answering the Secret Ability of Zoro Demon Eye?

Another interesting thing is how can Zoro perfectly imitate Kinemon's abilities? Has Zoro been practicing before? It feels like Zoro has never been shown practicing his Foxfire technique with Zoro, or teaching Zoro. Is it possible that Zoro would be able to do it and then master it - just by looking at Kinemon's movements?


Maybe Zoro has a hidden ability where he can mimic other people's movements after seeing it. How did Zoro do this? None other than using his left eye which is always closed - and injured. It could be that, without being shown it to us, Zoro had opened his left eye and then saw the enemy's movements and memorized it.

It could also be that Zoro's demon eyes have the same function as the Sharingan. Geeks certainly know how Kakashi Hatake is able to mimic other people's moves and jutsu. All that he can do thanks to the Sharingan eye on his left. What if then Zoro's demon eyes also have almost the same ability? Maybe that's the reason why Zoro was able to mimic Kinemon's abilities without training.

It has become a habit for Oda Sensei to bring something new to fans and make them curious. After that it took quite a long time to find out the answer. Will Oda Sensei explain how Zoro got this ability? we still have to wait.

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