One Piece: Is There a Connection Between the Moon and Wano?


One Piece: Is There a Connection Between the Moon and Wano?

In the Ohara library, there is a miniature form of the solar system in the One Piece world where the earth is surrounded by several moons / planets. However, something happened to those months. Until now it is not known what caused these months to disappear, but it is likely that they were destroyed for some reason.

And of these several months only one remains, and that month is the same month that is inhabited by Enel and Automata. This month is also the same month that was able to make Mink transform into their Sulong form. Talking about these moons, there are many interesting theories, one of which is the theory that these planets have something to do with Wano and Zunesha.


In theory, it is stated that the Minks are thought to be part of the tribe or the inhabitants who live on the moon, which then somehow they end up on Zunesha's back. Then, what do these months have to do with Wano? According to the theory, it is explained that in Wano there are six large clans who are respected, namely Kozuki, Kurozumi, Shimotsuki, Uzuki, Amatsuki, and Fugetsu.

The six clans correspond to the six moons in the miniature solar system in the Ohara library. Five of these months have ties to the Wano clan. And in theory it is stated that the five clans came from five different months. The Minks themselves are thought to have come from the remaining one month that has not been destroyed, and it is still unknown why this month survived.


Interestingly, Wano was once called the city of gold. And it reminds us of a place that is also known as the city of gold, which is none other than Shandora. The architecture of Zou and Shandia can be said to be the same, which means that maybe they share the same culture.

Zunesha and Bulan

The conclusion is that Zunesha may be forced to continue circling the world until the moon which is the home of the Minks tribe is destroyed. So, the Minks tribe can then occupy their new home in Wano. They may also need a little piece of the moon, which is their home, to complete the process. Zunesha himself is known to be looking for something, and the place is a fragment from the last month.

Maybe Joy Boy's promised promise is to destroy the last month and not Red Line. With the destruction of the last month, it is believed that it will also have an effect on the destruction of the Island of Fishmen and Mary Geoise, which in turn will cause everyone to gather in the same house.

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