One Piece: Official From Oda-Sensei Shanks Will Come to Wano War?


One Piece: Official From Oda-Sensei Shanks Will Come to Wano War?

The climax of the Wanokuni arc story has started with Luffy and the other Worst Generation Zoro, Kidd, Killer, and Law, now on the roof. This was shown in chapter 1000 yesterday, where the five Worst Generations are now preparing to face Kaido and Big Mom. We don't know what will happen in this third round, whether they will win or lose.

However, there are many fans who think that Luffy and Worst Generation will lose in this third round. Maybe Geeks also know that this Wanokuni arc was adapted from a traditional Japanese performance, Kabuki. In practice, Kabuki is divided into three rounds known as Jo-Ha-Kyu. In essence, Jo is the opening story, Ha is the pinnacle of conflict, and Kyu is the ending of the story.


What needs to be known is that the Kabuki show does not always consist of three acts. Sometimes there are four innings or even five innings. So the order is Jo-Ha-Ha-Ha-Kyu. In the concept of more than three acts, the story is shown that the character will experience two to three conflicts before actually completing the whole thing.

In the story in the Wano arc, many predict that Luffy and the Worst Generation on the roof of Kaido's castle will lose. This is because it is not time for Luffy and the others to win. As previously mentioned in several articles, One Piece is very thick with a formula made by Oda Sensei himself since the series appeared.

One Piece: Official From Oda-Sensei Shanks Will Come to Wano War?


One of these formulas is that Luffy will not succeed or fight against the main enemy in an arc, if the other Straw Hats have not succeeded in defeating the innate main enemy. For example, Luffy will not fight against Arlong if he hasn't defeated three of his strongest men. Then Luffy didn't fight Crocodile, until Baroque Works was destroyed.

Currently, the Straw Hats themselves can say that they still cannot defeat any of the Beasts' subordinates. Not to mention that there are many things that should have happened, but which have not been done. For example, we haven't seen Yamato meet his father in person or we don't know what Kaido's true power is - apart from what has been shown.

Besides, keep in mind that Big Mom is still there. Even though there is a tendency for him to be betrayal, Big Mom certainly won't remain silent seeing Kaido beaten up by five Worst Generation. Apart from those already mentioned, there are other factors that make this Wanokuni arc still not over in this third round.


The first is at the Jump Festa 2020, Oda Sensei said that in this Wanokuni arc we will see the fate of Sabo and also Boa Hancock. However, what happens is we never know what happened to these two characters. It could be that because of the COVID-19 pandemic, all plans from Oda Sensei were completely changed.

However, at the 2020 Jump Festa event yesterday, Oda Sensei again said that "the man" will start moving. This figure is none other than Shanks. If indeed the third act will be the end of the Wanokuni arc, then what about the fate of Shanks, Sabo, and Hancock who are promised to appear in the story? That's why the Wano arc may not finish in the third round, but maybe in the fourth or fifth round.


This was done to fulfill the "promise" of Oda Sensei who would present these characters. So, after Luffy and the other Worst Generation loses, they will regain their strength. This time, it's much bigger, with another figure joining in, namely Shanks and maybe Hancock and Sabo. They might start joining in the fourth act or the intermission arc.

If that happens, then it means that what Oda Sensei previously said about the Wano arc which will be the biggest arc for now in the One Piece story is true. But, what should be noted also is that on the other hand, Oda Sensei does not need to follow tradition and stick to the plans he has made or provided.

Oda could have ended it all in the third round, and only in the next arc we will see Shanks, Sabo, and Hancock. Even so, the thing that made more sense was to present another chapter. That way the fans may not return offensive tones saying that Eiichiro Oda has never been consistent in presenting characters or stories. Let's just look forward to it, geeks, how will it continue in this Wanokuni arc.

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