One Piece Theory, Coby Appointed as Admiral Thanks to the Achievement of the SWORD?


One Piece Theory, Coby Appointed as Admiral Thanks to the Achievement of the SWORD?

In the One Piece story, there are three main elements in the series. First is the navy, second is pirates, and third is the World Government. The World Government and the navy often work together, because the navy is a "weapon" for the World Government to eradicate various pirate threats. However, the navy is not the only weapon the World Government uses.

Ciper Pol (CP) is an organization that is under the direct control of the Gorosei. They are an organization that operates on the orders of the World Government or Gorosei. Usually their job is to carry out espionage or carry out various other dangerous missions. Does the navy also have a secret organization like the CP? The answer is there.


SWORD is a secret organization in the navy. This group was only introduced in the second half of the Wanokuni arc. However, unlike the CP, for SWORD themselves, their existence is not known by the World Government or by the navy itself. X Drake is the leader of the group, and Coby is one of its members.

It is still not known what the goals of this organization are. However, the real aim of SWORD itself is likely to be to destroy corruption in the Navy and the World Government. Just like a "sword" this organization will cut various crimes that occur in the navy. There is also the possibility that this organization collaborated with the Revolutionary Army to destroy the Tenryuubito.

One Piece Theory, Coby Appointed as Admiral Thanks to the Achievement of the SWORD?

As we know, the main objective of the Revolutionary Army is to destroy the celestial dragons, not destroy the navy or the World Government as a whole. SWORD itself contains various members of the naval forces who were secretly recruited because they had similar views. They share a vision that the navy should not be a "puppet" of the World Government or the sky dragons.

They will likely fight alongside the Revolutionary Forces against CP-0 and the navy siding with the celestial dragons when the time comes. When the Tenryuubito is conquered, the top brass in the SWORD organization will take over control of the navy. And this can be a way for Coby to achieve his dream as an admiral.


The cooperation between SWORD and the Revolutionary Army also made sense which meant that Dragon had a spy from the navy. This would benefit the Revolutionary Army as they would be able to get a floor plan of the naval base as well as Mary Geoise. In this way, Dragon can control everything easily.

This may also explain how the Revolutionary Army was able to infiltrate Mary Geoise's territory without getting caught during the Reverie incident. Besides that, SWORD could also be a way for Coby to realize his dream of becoming an admiral. With the task of infiltrating and disguising itself difficult, and likely to have been done for a long time, it would be a consideration for Coby as a strong figure.

After all, Coby is indeed one of the potential future legends. Perhaps, joining SWORD Coby would usher in a new era for the navy. Given that he is the figure trained by Monkey D. Garp, maybe Coby will become the next "hero of the navy".

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