One Piece: Underrated, Evidence of the Danger of Boa Hancock, the Pirate Queen!


One Piece: Underrated, Evidence of the Danger of Boa Hancock, the Pirate Queen!

In Shonen stories like One Piece, the characters that appear in the stories are often able to inspire readers / viewers of the series. These characters often have their own uniqueness, for example in terms of strength or determination or maybe even both, as shown by the main character of the One Piece series, Monkey D. Luffy.

However, sometimes there are also characters who are not really noticed and tend to be underrated compared to other characters, when in fact the characters have great potential. And usually, characters who are often underestimated are female characters, like Boa Hancock. Hancock even though has many terrifying abilities, but doesn't really get the spotlight.

Hancock herself is the leader of a region that prohibits men, Amazon Lilly. Boa Hancock is a very strong fighter. Like other Kuja tribes, Hancock is also a Haki user. Apart from Haki, Hancock is also a devil fruit eater of the Mero Mero no Mi where he can turn someone into stone.


The proof of Hancock's power is that he once got a very large bounty at a young age, which is 80 million Belly. And because the World Government saw Hancock as a big threat, in the end they chose to invite her to join the Shichibukai at the age of 18. That means Boa Hancock's reputation is no joke.

In comparison, the initial bounty for Luffy alone is 30 million Belly. Sengoku and Kuzan even admit that Boa Hancock is a very strong figure, and they cannot underestimate her figure. Hancock would be much more terrifying if she had entered "Rage Mode" or her angry mode. This happened when Hancock saw something unpleasant, for example when Aokiji managed to injure Luffy's arm.

One Piece: Underrated, Evidence of the Danger of Boa Hancock, the Pirate Queen!


Hancock was really angry because Aokiji had injured the figure he loved and was ready to fight against him. Luckily, Marco managed to stop him. Another proof is, in the battle at Marineford, Hancock was able to easily destroy a Pacifista. What's interesting is that if before the time-skip occurs it takes a Straw Hat crew to destroy a Pacifista, Hancock can do it alone.

In addition, he is also able to withstand Sentomaru and Smoker attacks. An interesting fact from Hancock is that he is one of the people who survived the war at Marineford without the slightest injury. Hancock is one of the few people who is able to have three Haki at once. Oda is unlikely to present a great story about Hancock if he does not have extraordinary strength.

Even though it hasn't been shown yet, it doesn't feel impossible if Hancock has managed to awaken her devil fruit ability, and knows the highest level of Haki, has the ability to see into the future, and has great Conqueror Haki. But, it all depends on Oda sensei, whether he wants to do that to Hancock. What do you think geeks, is Hancock really an underrated figure with all her abilities?

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