One Punch Man: Blast's Mystery Finally Revealed!


One Punch Man: Blast's Mystery Finally Revealed!

Since the One-Punch Man manga series first appeared, Blast's figure has never been shown at all. It was only in chapter 138 yesterday that we saw how Blast's figure was even though he was only a silhouette. And in the latest chapter, 139, we finally get to see how Blast really looks when he meets Flashy Flash and Saitama.

As we know, Blast is the number one hero of the entire ranking system. His position is above Tatsumaki and also King, who are in second and third positions. Many people in the world have heard rumors or stories about Blast, but very few people have ever seen it in person.

Based on available information, the figure of Blast only appears when the world is in real danger or when humans are truly under threat. That was the reason everyone believed, why Blast rarely appeared to save people. So far only Tatsumaki has seen him in person - apart from Flashy Flash and SaItama.

One Punch Man: Blast's Mystery Finally Revealed!

This then raised a big question mark among fans, where was Blast all this time? Why doesn't he want to help society like the other heroes? Many theories then mention as well as speculation, that Saitama is actually the figure of Blast. There are also those who say that Saitama is Blast who has lost his memory.


However, in the latest chapter yesterday, we finally got the answer to that big question. In chapter 138 we saw how Tatsumaki, Drive Knight, and Genos fought Psykos. Chaos and destruction became inevitable - even the level could be said to have reached the cosmic level.

Flashy Flash, Saitama, and Manako are trapped underground beneath the Monster Association headquarters. They were crushed by debris from the cave they were in. After they managed to dismantle the ruins to find a way out, they saw an empty, dark, vast space. It is still not known what or where they are. Are they below the earth's core? Are they in outer space? Everything is still a mystery.

They then look for another way to get out, where at that time there is a small black box which then makes a mysterious sound. Saitama then challenged the voice to show his figure. Suddenly behind them a portal appeared, and an unexpected figure appeared. He is none other than Blast.

Saitama, Manako, and Flashy Flash didn't recognize Blast's figure until he introduced himself. And at that moment Blast also showed his ability. Flash Flash tries to attack Blast to prove the truth, and at that time it is shown that the speed of Flashy Flash is nothing compared to Blast who immediately embraces him, and asks him to calm down.

Flashy Flash looks scared and can't believe what he's seeing. Blast goes on to explain that time moves slower where they are, compared to outside. With all the things being shown in that moment, the question of where Blast's whereabouts has been is finally uncovered.

Blast himself explained that he went to various places and times to collect a mysterious black box. What's more surprising is that collecting the boxes is his hobby. This is very extraordinary, where the story seems to show that it turns out that Blast has been traveling to various times to collect mysterious black boxes.

One Punch Man: Blast's Mystery Finally Revealed!


This fact also seems to show that time travel is possible. And it can be concluded that Blast is very much like Loki, Flash, or Kang who is able to go to the past or the future. It is still not known what the purpose of Blast is to collect the mysterious boxes scattered everywhere.

This also proved how terrifying the power of Blast was. He can travel through time, in contrast to other heroes who have powers that we often see such as super strength or telepathic powers. This also seems to be proof - for a while - that Blast is stronger than Saitama. We don't know yet whether Saitama is able to do the same thing with Blast, such as opening a time machine portal.

Nobody expected that Blast would appear epic in situations that got out of hand. You could say, this is one of the most mindblowing things in the OPM manga, by Yusuke Murata and ONE. Will Blast help Tatsumaki beat Psykos? Let's just look forward to the continuity of the story in the next chapter.

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