Open Beta Game MoeGirl Go! It's Started and Offers Many Prizes!


Open Beta Game MoeGirl Go! It's Started and Offers Many Prizes!

Idle RPG 2021 anime mobile game MoeGirl Go! officially launched for all platforms January 21, and various prizes will be awarded! Rare heroes, high tier equipment, cute monsters, millions of Gold and other luxurious prizes. Players can enter the official MoeGirl Go site! to download the game.

Pre-registration on all platforms has reached 1 million and beautiful influencers from various countries have also joined

Open Beta Game MoeGirl Go! It's Started and Offers Many Prizes!

MoeGirl Go! started, the total number of pre-registrations has exceeded 1.2 million. The number of pre-registrations on the official site has reached 500,000 and all achievement rewards have been unlocked. Each summoner can get massive Gold, Summon Stone II, Monster Egg and SSR Hero. [post_ads]

To thank the summoners for their support, during the open beta, the developer team specially prepared a lot of prize events for everyone: the "7 Day War" event can get a lot of Gold and Summon Stone II, and the "Beginner's Gift" event allows the summoner to gain power. SSR Heroes, “Breakout Rewards” event will also give lots of Gems to help the summoner play easily without top-ups!

When MoeGirl Go! Open beta opened, there are many beautiful Southeast Asian influencers and gaming YouTubers who will join, including Variety Cosplayer Baobao from Malaysia, former professional gamer Sarah from Indonesia, cute Misaki cosplayer from Thailand, etc. They will create an in-game Guild and recruit members and fight together with the summoners!

Open Beta Game MoeGirl Go! It's Started and Offers Many Prizes!

Relaxing idle game can free your hands, level up easily without spending too much time & money.

As the new generation of cute idle mobile games, MoeGirl Go! has an easy and relaxed gameplay principle. Automatic battles can generate income and level up while you fall asleep. Online 5 minutes every day can gain EXP and resources, allowing players to lie down while saving the world. Mysterious treasure chests galore will be released every day in the game. Opening treasure chests can receive various hero fragments and synthesize them to get rare heroes who can help players to build their cute team! [post_ads_2]

Open Beta Game MoeGirl Go! It's Started and Offers Many Prizes!

Historical Heroes Gather to Save the World From Destruction

MoeGirl Go! takes place in a different world facing destruction, Igola Hill. As novice summoners, players can summon heroes in the history of god-god Odin and the round table knights Arthur, Qin Shihuang, the Lord of the East, and others present in the form of a cute, beautiful girl, and fight side by side with the players to save the world from the wrath of demons.

MoeGirl Go! the open beta was launched in surprise today. Various prizes and benefits will be given, and premium gift packages can be picked up for free! A new adventure has started, and various interesting stories are waiting for you. Come on save the world, Caller!

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