Seungri Ex-BIGBANG Indicted for Violence Involving Mafia Gang, Name of JYP Boss Was Also Reported


Seungri Ex-BIGBANG Indicted for Violence Involving Mafia Gang, Name of JYP Boss Was Also Reported

Seungri's legal case has entered a new chapter. The former Big Bang member is currently facing additional charges for violence and mafia gang relations.

According to the public prosecutor, Seungri had committed violence by deploying gang members to threaten wrong customers who entered the room where he was partying at a nightclub. This incident occurred in December 2015.

Reporter Kim Yong Ho then revealed that the threatened customer was an employee of JYP Entertainment. "The person being threatened is not just anyone. His identity is a JYP Entertainment employee," said reporter Kim Yong Ho.


"On the day of the incident there was a party at the bar. Many people in the entertainment industry attended the party and were drinking. JYP Entertainment employees entered the wrong room, and it was the room where Seungri's group was," he added.

The reporter also claimed that Yang Hyun Suk was aware of the situation.

"According to Yang Hyun Suk, Seungri was almost hit by the JYP Entertainment employee. These employees tend to be bigger and muscular when compared to Seungri. Seungri looks small and weak so he laughs at him," said the reporter.

"Seungri may think JYP Entertainment employees have underestimated him. In response, even though Seungri may look smaller, he may want to show that he has a stronger person behind him. So he then sends a text message to call the gang members," explained reporter Kim Yong. Ho.


Furthermore, reporter Kim Yong Ho revealed that the boss of JYP, Park Jin Young, actually knew about the situation. However, he decided to fire the employee because of his relationship with YG Entertainment at that time.

"You know, YG Entertainment and JYP Entertainment are very large entertainment companies. But at that time, Park Jin Young praised Yang Hyun Suk. They both worked at K-Pop Star. Yang Hyun Suk was very famous at that time, so Park Jin Young fired the employees who were involved in the incident, "he concluded.

Meanwhile, Seungri is currently facing a total of 9 criminal charges and his case has been transferred to the Military Court since his enlistment. However, Seungri strongly denied all accusations except for his violation of the Foreign Exchange Transaction Law. 

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