SEVENTEEN Talks about Excitement at 'Going Seventeen 2020'


SEVENTEEN Talks about Excitement at 'Going Seventeen 2020'

"Going SEVENTEEN 2020" released its final episode on January 18th. It is noted that the show has accumulated 100 million views in total with all episodes combined.

Jeonghan revealed, “In 'Going SEVENTEEN 2020“, all the members did a good job and prepared the content they wanted to try and showed Carats. In 2021, we will prepare more fun content. "

S.Coups added, "We will work even harder for this event, please look forward to it." Then Dino also expressed his feelings while playing on the variety show.

“The production team of 'Going SEVENTEEN 2020' has a great feeling. It's amazing how they form an idea, and more than anything, it's even more fun because our ideas are reflected. I think that's why a lot of people feel cheered up and laugh. This is a memory that we will never forget, "said Dino. [post_ads]

Talking about his "MYSTERY" episode, DK commented with laughter. "First, I'm sorry. When I get the chance to host again, I hope I can do better. But I don't know if the producer will give me a chance."

Hoshi chose DK as his teammate, but he showed surprising abilities to Hoshi while they were playing. Hoshi explained, "I'm jealous and amazed by his instincts and energy. I want to be cute too."

Joshua chose Jun. He also said, “In the 'Mousebusters' session, I think he lied to the best of his ability. I was surprised and surprised to have believed it." [post_ads_2]

They also commented on what they learned through "Going SEVENTEEN 2020", Woozi commenting, "I could laugh that much while filming." Meanwhile Mingyu shared, “I really enjoy challenging myself. But I really can't bungee jump. "

The funniest moment for them was The8 in "TTT" and Wonwoo in "The Tag" where Mingyu and Seungkwan used each other as bait and ran away.

“I'm happy to be able to make Carats laugh through the content 'Going SEVENTEEN 2020'. We not only prepare music and performances but also record various contents. Look forward to us in 'Going SEVENTEEN' which will return on March 3rd, "said Seungkwan.

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