Sparrow Academy Cast Revealed! | Official Confirmation!


Sparrow Academy Cast Revealed! | Official Confirmation!

Now, the cast of Sparrow Academy has been announced. The cast includes Justin Cornwell as Marcus (leader of the Sparrow Academy), Justin H. Min reprising his role as Ben, Britne Oldford as Fei, Jake Epstein as Alphonso, Genesis Rodriguez as Sloane, and Cazzie David as Jayme. There is also a seventh member of the Sparrow Academy named Christopher, but it is not stated who the cast is.

What's great about Sparrow Academy is Ben's return. Whereas previously Ben was told to die in an unexplained incident. Ben himself is the only member of the old team to join the new Sparrow Academy team. Ben himself looks healthy. Netflix itself has previously revealed that the version of Ben that appears with Academy Sparrow will be darker than the previous version.


The big question is about this new timeline. Did Umbrella Academy accidentally jump into a new reality? Or is there something bigger happened. Surely the third season will provide some answers regarding this new timeline. Variety has previously reported that the third season will consist of several episodes, which in total will have a duration of 10 hours. Production itself will begin in Toronto in February.

Showrunner of the series, Steve Blackman, is also confirmed to return and work on its third season. The creation of the third season of the Umbrella Academy series is not surprising given the series' success in the market. Netflix itself has not announced the release schedule for the third season, but looking at the production schedule for the new series starting at the beginning of this year, it is likely that the series will only be released in early 2022. Let's just wait for the latest news from the Umbrella Academy series third season.

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