Suga BTS Has Unique Habit When Writing a Songs After Experiencing Bad Incident


Suga BTS Has Unique Habit When Writing a Songs After Experiencing Bad Incident

Suga BTS (Bangtan Boys) recently revealed that he now has certain habits. The musician born in 1993 had this habit after he experienced unfavorable events.

In a recent interview with Tokopedia, the members played a game where they had to guess the answer to one of their questions. When it was Suga's turn, he asked the members, "What is my habit after debut?"

V guessed that the answer was Suga's inability to look the members in the eye during the performance, but it turned out that the answer was wrong. Jungkook then guessed that the answer was nail-biting, but this was also wrong.

Responding to Jungkook's guess, Jimin BTS said that Suga had the habit of biting nails since before his debut. There are also lots of fun moments when the members are guessing, like Suga saying that Jungkook was wrong before he even said anything.


Jimin guessed the answer was that Suga loved his family more, and Suga didn't believe his answer. Suga then decided to give a hint and said that it was related to songwriting.

Despite these hints, the members still had a hard time guessing the answer. It all ended when Jin said that Suga always clicked "save" when composing songs.

In particular, Suga clicks the save button every 10 seconds while composing a song. The owner's real name Min Yoongi started to have this habit after he lost his past recording data because he didn't click "save".

Jungkook then asked Jin how he knew the answer, and Jin said that Suga always mentioned this. It seems that Suga learned a valuable lesson after losing his recorded data.

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