The author of back pain, Manga Grand Blue enters a Hiatus phase


The author of back pain, Manga Grand Blue enters a Hiatus phase

The serialization of the manga Grand Blue Dreaming by Kenji Inoue and Kimitake Yoshioka goes into hiatus in the February 2021 issue of Good! Afternoon. The reason for this hiatus was because Inoue was suffering from back pain as a result of working too hard. Inoue himself had undergone back surgery at the end of 2020. The serialization will continue after he has recovered.

On December 7, 2020, Kenji Inoue announced that his back condition had worsened and he had to be rushed to the hospital. Inoue has also had surgery.

He previously also complained about his back condition since November 2020 and had to use pain injections so that his work progress was not interrupted.

This series tells the story of Kitahara Iori who moves to Izu for college, where she stays at a dive shop called Grand Blue which is owned by a relative. After various incidents involving her upperclassmen and cousins who join the university level diving circle, she decides to try diving too.

The Grand Blue manga began running on April 7, 2014 in Good! Afternoon. Kodansha has published its 16th volume on November 20, 2020. Kodansha has also published the manga in North America. The manga has now sold over 6 million copies.


The anime adaptation has aired in July 2018 for 12 episodes. Studio Zero-G (Rikekoi) is the animation studio. The anime's director and script composer is Shinji Takamatsu (Gintama, Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou, School Rumble. The character designer is Hideoki Kusama (Battery!).

A live action film adaptation has also been screened in theaters in Japan on August 7, 2020. This film was supposed to be screened earlier, on May 29, 2020, but due to the coronavirus pandemic, staff had to postpone it until August 7, 2020. Tsutomu Hanabusa (live-action 3D Real Girl Kanojo, Kakegurui, Asahinagu) directed films with the production company THEFOOL, and Warner Bros. Japan distributes films.

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© Kenji Inoue, Kimitake Yoshioka / Kodansha

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