TREASURE Collides with Cool Imaginations in the Cool MV Teaser 'My Treasure'


TREASURE Collides with Cool Imaginations in the Cool MV Teaser 'My Treasure'

YG Entertainment's rookie boy group TREASURE is known to be ready to release their first full album for fans. This time, the agency shared their music video teaser for the album's main song, "My Treasure".

Today, Saturday (9/1) at midnight, the agency released the MV teaser for the title song "THE FIRST STEP: TREASURE EFFECT". In the MV teaser, TREASURE breaks through reality as they create magic in their imaginations.

“My Treasure” is the title track from YG Entertainment's rookie group's first full album 'The First Step: Treasure Effect', which was released on January 11 KST. Apart from "My Treasure", there will be 11 other songs on the album.


In total, TREASURE will present 10 songs and 2 special songs. In the track list, they not only offer the new song "My Treasure", but also the new B-side song "Be With Me" and "Slowmotion", which was composed with AKMU's Lee Chan Hyuk (Akdong Musician).

The track list also features all of the songs they have previously released on the mini album, as well as the signal track “YG Treasure Box” titled “Going Crazy”. Apart from that, there are also 2 special songs that are only on the album and not officially released. Fans who purchase a physical copy of the album will also receive a piano version of "I Love You" and a rock version of "MMM".


The full album TREASURE was originally planned for release in December. However, the agency revealed that TREASURE plans to hold the longest promotion until the end of the year for their third single album "The First Step: Chapter Three".

Not without reason, this is because the group will focus on promotions at various year-end music events and award shows held in December. Rather than rushing to release the full album TREASURE, the agency revealed that it will work even harder to promote “Mmm” until the end of the year.

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