Video : SEVENTEEN's Ability on the Stage Amazes Fans


Video : SEVENTEEN's Ability on the Stage Amazes Fans

SEVENTEEN (II) has recently become the talk of netizens on online community sites. Not without reason, apparently the boy group's pre-debut appearance video of 13 people went viral online.

Recently, K-pop fans discussed the K-pop groups with the best performance abilities. One of the groups they mention is SEVENTEEN with 13 members who debuted in 2015.

SEVENTEEN members are known for their strong and synchronous dances. Some claim that SEVENTEEN has always been an amazing team with great performance skills and found some of the group's pre-debut videos to prove their point. [post_ads]

The video shows SEVENTEEN performing NU'EST's with ACTION and Super Junior with Sorry, Sorry. In this video, the SEVENTEEN members dance very energetically in perfect synchronization.

Even though the members are still in middle or high school, they almost look professional. We can see they all have talent, but also work really hard. After seeing this video, many praised the members for their outstanding performance skills and hard work.

Meanwhile, SEVENTEEN has now become one of the most popular boy groups with fans all over the world. The boy group made by Pledis Entertainment also won the title of a million seller because it managed to sell one million albums.

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