Who is Stronger SWORD vs CP-0? | One Piece Fan Theory


Who is Stronger SWORD vs CP-0? | One Piece Fan Theory

You must know about Cipher Pol. This secret World government organization appears at the beginning of the story, especially when Luffy tries to save Robin in the Enies Lobby arc. Cipher Pol is a secret organization owned by the World Government. The task of Cipher Pol is to carry out various espionage, seek various information or investigations, and finish off targets according to directions from the World Government.

Cipher Pol itself has eight posts consisting of CP1 to CP8. Meanwhile, the other two Cipher Pol groups, CP0 and CP9, are unofficial units. CP0 is the most powerful unit among all, even this unit has the ability that exceeds the usual unit tasked with carrying out assassinations, namely CP9. According to Robin, no group or person can escape from this group. They themselves work directly under the direction of the celestial dragon clan.

Then we also know SWORD, a secret organization formed by the headquarters of the navy and led by a former Admiral, who is also one of the worst generation X Drake members. SWORD operates covertly, doing undercover to monitor the activities and movements of the Yonko.

Who is Stronger SWORD vs CP-0? | One Piece Fan Theory

In the previous chapter, it was shown that Coby and X Drake actually contacted each other to provide important information regarding developments in Wano. What's interesting about SWORD is that it is likely that this secret naval organization moves without the knowledge of the World Government. Not many people know about their activities, even they are off the radar of the Gorosei and the navy itself, because only a few people join the group.


Because they operate in secret, they usually use certain codes to communicate and use a secure denden mushi channel to exchange information. The real proof of the silence of this organization is when Kizaru beat Drake, when they came to Sabaody territory. Kizaru still thinks that Drake has indeed changed his status.

It is still unknown who is actually part of the SWORD group. However, fans themselves have speculated that navies like Sengoku, Garp, and Kuzan might also be involved and become part of the SWORD organization. They actually disagree with the whole system and the entire bureaucracy that is running.

Who is Stronger SWORD vs CP-0? | One Piece Fan Theory

They also never really embraced absolute justice, but moral justice. Talking about the name, it is still not known what SWORD stands for or means. As for Cipher Pol, they actually have the full name Cipher Pol Aigis Zero. The word 'Aigis' itself comes from the word Aegis, which in ancient Greek mythology means a shield or protector.


With the existence of two secret agencies belonging to the World Government and the navy, this then raises a big question: will these two organizations also be involved in the big battle in Wano? Who won the two of them? Even though Cipher Pol is part of the Government, that doesn't mean they are stronger.

Maybe Cipher Pol did a lot of secret missions, and maybe Cipher Pol was formed earlier than SWORD, so that Cipher Pol had much more experience than SWORD. They also seem to never hide their identity, considering that many people actually know them.

On the other hand, SWORD was successfully formed without anyone knowing, even the navy itself. This is of course a very extraordinary thing. This means that trust is an important value in the group. Maybe at the end of the One Piece story, in the peak war, we will finally see a physical battle between them. For now we just look forward to the continuation of the story!

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