Who Trapped the Scarlet Witch in WandaVision?


Who Trapped the Scarlet Witch in WandaVision?

WandaVision series has introduced viewers to the fictional city called Westview. There, Wanda and Vision settled, and built a harmonious family. But it was clear that there was an oddity surrounding Westview, and it was as if Wanda was covering up these oddities. In the second episode, we are shown when someone is doing an experiment to enter Westview. It seemed that this person was part of SWORD, an organization tasked with monitoring superhumans. So what really happened at Westview? Is Wanda responsible for this artificial reality? And is Wanda the perpetrator, or the victim of all of this?

Westview explained

At first glance, Westview looks like a lovely little town. But it is clear that something is wrong with the whole city, as everything was shaped by Wanda's wish. Wanda seemed devastated after the series of suffering she experienced, from losing her vision to Quicksilver. Interestingly, Wanda seemed unconscious when creating this reality. This was revealed when Vision's boss, Hart, asked about how long Wanda and Vision were married. Wanda didn't even know what had happened before.

Who Trapped the Scarlet Witch in WandaVision?

In the second episode, it begins to reveal that someone is watching Wanda's whereabouts at Westview. At that time, Wanda found a helicopter with the SWORD logo. In Wanda's "vision", the helicopter looked like a toy. But it could be if the original, the helicopter is real and there are passengers in it. The helicopter was used by SWORD to scout Westview. Wanda himself is in control of Westview and he can do anything to make that reality a dream place.


Westview Evidence Created by Wanda

WandaVision subtly shows that Wanda is the one responsible for creating Westview's false reality. Indeed, while in the MCU, Wanda was never shown using her powers to create her own reality. But in the comics, Wanda has the ability to create reality. In House of M, Wanda creates a false reality in which every dream and wish comes true. The WandaVision series itself has indeed adapted the House of M story, as evidenced by various things that have been adapted from the comics. For example the pixel effect on the credit scene. The pixel effect is also seen in the comics when Wanda creates his reality.

Who Trapped the Scarlet Witch in WandaVision?

In the second episode, we are also shown a bottle of wine that says Maison du Mepris, which translates to Home of Suffering. This shows that Wanda is entering a phase of depression which eventually forces Wanda to create a fake reality without realizing it, to make her happy again. Wanda subconsciously used her powers to create a world where she could adjust the contents, and everything seemed normal. Vision, however, is an illusory part of that reality.

There is another possibility that the Westview reality was not actually created by Wanda but by Mephisto. The devil's name was mentioned when Dottie said "the devil's in the details". In the comics, Wanda's madness in the events of the House of M occurred because of the devil's involvement. So, it could all be Mephisto's doing. Another character that has the potential to make Westview reality is Agnes, played by Kathryn Hahn.

Many predict that Agnes is actually Agatha Harkness, a magician who became Wanda's mentor. But in the comics, the morality of the characters is always questioned. The Easter Egg on WandaVision also confirms that Agatha actually appears in the WandaVision series.


Wanda Stuck at Westview?

All this raises the interesting question as to whether Wanda herself is trapped in Westview reality, like a spider trapped in its own web. Or was the net made by someone else, or by the corrupting Wanda's mind? It is still unknown. But Wanda herself secretly realized that something was wrong. Most likely this reality was built because Wanda wanted to marry Vision. In the comics, Doctor Strange says that Wanda's ability to manipulate reality will ultimately make Wanda unable to face the real world at all. Maybe this is what happened in Westview, where Wanda was too "comfortable" in his artificial reality, so he forgot the real world. There is a big possibility that Wanda doesn't want to leave this reality.

Who Trapped the Scarlet Witch in WandaVision?

But hey geeks, Westview reality doesn't look like it will last long as the WandaVision trailer suggests Westview will be covered in some kind of reality bubble and SWORD has surrounded the city and is trying to get in. So far, the guys who have gotten into Westview have been kicked back, but they won't stop there.

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