12 Sad Korean Films About Mother's Sacrifice, Make Hearts Broken!


12 Sad Korean Films About Mother's Sacrifice, Make Hearts Broken!

In life, mothers become irreplaceable figures for every child in the world. Her tough and strong nature when faced with life's obstacles makes the presence of a mother very admired and respected.

So, don't be surprised if your mother's struggles and sacrifices give a deep impression, FYI, maybe you will feel sad and get ready with a flood of tears when watching the film.

So, what are some of the saddest Korean films that present the sacrifice of a mother? The following gamevos.com has summarized from various sources.

1. Mother

12 Sad Korean Films About Mother's Sacrifice, Make Hearts Broken!

The wrong arrest incident made hers son, DO Joon, who is mentally retarded, have to face the suspicion of the murder of a student. However, a mother's instincts told her that her son was innocent.

Unfortunately, the data held by the police was very burdensome for the son. The struggle of the mother began to be able to release her child from prison on this false accusation.

In fact, the mother hired the most expensive lawyer, but did not get the service as expected. The situation is even more precarious when the child has signed the BAP drafted by the police.

From this film, it can be seen that all kinds of efforts will be made by the mother so that the child doesn't experience unpleasant conditions. Mother's sacrifice in any condition and situation. [post_ads]

2. Birthday


This film takes the background of the darkest tragedy experienced by South Korea, namely the sinking of the ferry Siwol in 2014. This unfortunate event that killed 304 passengers, mostly carrying high school students on a tour.

This documentary film invites the audience to delve into the story of the couple Jung Il and Soon Nam who struggled to accept the death of their child because they were victims of the incident.

In fact, Soon Nam, the mother character played by Jeon Do Yeon, often has hallucinations that her child is still there and buys the best clothes for her child, hoping that the child will still be able to wear it later.

This family also often celebrates the birthday of a daughter who has passed away. It took more time and struggle for Jung Il and Soon Nam to accept the child's death.

Moreover, this film received a prestigious award from the Cannes' Critics Prize. For those of you who haven't watched this film, you really must watch this film! [post_ads_2]

3. Harmony


Committing a criminal act against her husband who often tortured her, made Jonghye (Kim Yunjim) have to stay in prison while pregnant. Like it or not, she had to give birth in prison.

When hers son grew up and was given the name Min Woo. Jonghye accepted the harsh reality again when she had to part with hers son. Min Woo has to get out of prison and have a new adoptive mother.

After Min Woo's departure, Jonghye cried a lot and felt like hersdays were very empty. The deep sadness felt by Jonghye illustrates how extraordinary a mother's love for her child is.

4. A Long Visit


"Mother's love all the time, child love all the way". This adage may have some truth when watching this Korean film, because this film depicts a mother's never-ending love.

Tells the story of a mother who loves and loves her daughter named Ji Suk who is often angry at her mother for various things. Even though she often gets scolding from the child, the mother never has a grudge or hatred for her child. Precisely for the mother, Ji Suk's presence means a lot in her life. Watching this film makes us think not to hurt parents, especially mothers. [post_ads]

5. Cart


Starring D.O 'EXO', this film is based on a true story in 2007 where many supermarket cashiers were laid off. One of those who got laid off was Sun Hee, a mother who had to raise her two children.

Even though she has worked as a contract employee for five years, she has never been appointed as a permanent employee. Injustice and the increasing rumors of layoffs made her take the initiative to join a trade union fighting for their rights. Wow, the mother's struggle to give the best for her child is second to none!

6. Wedding Dress

12 Sad Korean Films About Mother's Sacrifice, Make Hearts Broken!

Busy with her job as a bridal fashion designer, Seo Go Eun, who has a daughter, neglected the condition of her only daughter. Until, a deadly disease convicted her, realizing the importance of spending time together before everything ends and regretting it.

This bitter reality made Go Eun choose to spend full time with So Ra, the child. In the middle of her time with her, she also tries to hide her chronic illness from her child so that her child doesn't feel sad.

Although in the end, So Ra also finds out about her mother's critical condition. Before leaving So Ra, Go Eun gives So Ra a special last present so she can wear it on her wedding day, which is a wedding dress she made. [post_ads_2]

7. Way Back Home

12 Sad Korean Films About Mother's Sacrifice, Make Hearts Broken!

Based on the true story that happened to Jang Min Jeong in 2004, this film depicts a young mother played by Jeon Do Yeon. Starting from the death of a husband's friend who used her husband's name, her house and property were confiscated, she had to live a life without money.

Until a freight courier job took her to prison. She received an offer to ship items deemed jewelery, which turned out to be illegal. Due to financial pressure, she accepted the job. What is even sadder, when she has to be tried and detained in France without help from hers country.

In addition, she also had to struggle to miss her child, finding a way to go home and be with her.

8. Kim Ji Young: Born 1982

12 Sad Korean Films About Mother's Sacrifice, Make Hearts Broken!

This film is based on a popular novel with a similar title, which tells the story of a young mother named Ji Yeong (Jung Yu Mi) who becomes a housewife. Before getting married and having a child, Ji Yeong was an office employee who was quite accomplished.

But after getting married, she had to leave this role and focus on being a housewife who takes care of her children every day. The many demands and all kinds of endless homework made Ji Yeong's mental balance disturbed.

While watching this film, you will be invited to explore how tough a mother is in carrying out all roles in domestic life, from taking care of children, washing, drying, cooking, to folding clothes. In fact, there wasn't even time for myself. It is guaranteed that there will be tears when seeing Ji Yeong's sacrifice in facing everything in this film. [post_ads]

9. Missing

12 Sad Korean Films About Mother's Sacrifice, Make Hearts Broken!

No mother wants to lose her child, especially if she was kidnapped by a trusted caregiver. It sure hurts tremendous.

Well, "Missing" tells the story of a mother's struggle in finding her kidnapped child. In the midst of hers search, Ji Sun (Uhm Ji Won) discovers an unexpected fact from hers babysitter as she traces hers nanny's past.

Apart from being invited to learn about a mother's struggles, this film also clearly depicts how big a mother's love story is when caring for a child even though she is busy with all kinds of other activities. Not only that, Ji Sun is willing to give what she has so she can meet hers son again.

10. The Preparation

12 Sad Korean Films About Mother's Sacrifice, Make Hearts Broken!

Suffering from terminal cancer and having a son with special needs makes Ae Soon look for ways to prepare for her separation from her son.

Even though she is quite old, Ae Soon is not tired of taking care of her son with special needs, even she is very painstaking and patient teaching hers son various things. Not only does she struggle for the child, but she also struggles to take care of herself in old age.

This film is the saddest Korean film that presents the seconds of Ae Soon leaving behind In Kyo, the child. The audience will definitely not stop shedding tears! [post_ads_2]

11. Thread of Lies

12 Sad Korean Films About Mother's Sacrifice, Make Hearts Broken!

Having a partner is hard enough to live with as a mother, let alone be a single fighter in carrying out the mother role. Unbelievable that must be the energy that must be expended.

This film tells the story of Hyun Sook (Kim Hee Ae) who is a single mother with her two children who are still in school and are now teenagers. However, an unpleasant event occurred, the 14 year old princess took a shortcut by committing suicide.

Despite losing hers daughter, Hyun Sook tries to be strong and move on with hers eldest daughter. However, behind hers obstinacy, Hyun Suk felt a trace of guilt and a deep longing for the daughter who had passed away. [post_ads]

12. Little Forest

12 Sad Korean Films About Mother's Sacrifice, Make Hearts Broken!

This film composed by Japanese manga tells the story of Hye Won who chooses to return to hers hometown, in the countryside after experiencing great failure and disappointment while trying to pursue a dream in the city.

Who would have thought that when she returned to hers little house, she would feel calm and happy. Even though she looks happy, there are things she can't forget, namely the departure of hers mother from home when Hye Won is going to study in the city, and that also makes her miss hers mother. [post_ads_2]


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