5 Applications for Making Your Own Whatsapp Stickers


5 Applications for Making Your Own Whatsapp Stickers

WhatsApp, which is the most popular messaging application in the world, continues to develop features to provide convenience to its users. One of them is the feature of making your own WA stickers.

The way to make WhatsApp stickers is also quite easy, where the stickers can be immediately shared with friends or chat groups on the WhatsApp application.

And here is how to make WhatsApp stickers which are of course very easy to understand.

1. 10 Sticker Packs for WA

5 Applications for Making Your Own Whatsapp Stickers

The 10 Sticker Package application for WA was developed by Telegram LLC by providing its stickers which can also be used on the WhatsApp application.

If you like to create and use cartoon stickers, then this application is the right choice for you because through this application you can process cartoon or animal images into WhatsApp stickers.

There are also various cute and hilarious WA stickers, such as the characters of rabbits, birds, crocodiles, cats, penguins, and many more.

2. Sticker Maker (Viko & Co.)

5 Applications for Making Your Own Whatsapp Stickers

Furthermore, there is the Sticker Maker application that can help you create your own WA stickers, where the images are taken directly from camera shots or images that are already in the gallery.

The features available in this application are also fairly advanced, where there is a feature called Smart Select which can make it easier for users to crop photos following the curves of objects in the image that will be used as WA stickers.

3. Sticker Maker (Stickify Maker)

5 Applications for Making Your Own Whatsapp Stickers

The next WA sticker maker application is Stickify Maker. Using this application is fairly easy, so the process of making stickers can be done very quickly.

You can use this application to make stickers from your own photos, and you can also create custom stickers from various photos stored on your cellphone memory.

You can collect a variety of interesting photos to be turned into cute and beautiful stickers according to your taste. The following is a video of how to use the Sticker Maker application, uploaded directly by the developer:

4. StickerFactory

5 Applications for Making Your Own Whatsapp Stickers

One of the other WA sticker maker applications is StickerFactory. This application can help users get rid of photo backgrounds that they want to be used as stickers quickly and easily.

In addition, this application has unique features and technology where users can edit artificial photo stickers by adding knick-knacks effects to make the stickers look cuter.

You can also take advantage of the font feature to add lettering to your stickers.

5. StickoText (Stickers for Chat)

5 Applications for Making Your Own Whatsapp Stickers

Then there is the StickoText or Stickers for Chat application which is an application for creating and downloading WA stickers developed by StickoText.com.

This application offers a variety of interesting experiments that are suitable for those of you who are creative and innovative. Where you can make special stickers with interesting themes, for example Valentine's theme stickers or Christmas theme stickers.

However, to download stickers in this application, you will be faced with the large number of advertisements that are present in this application. In addition, this application also takes up a lot of cellphone memory.

So if you are interested in downloading this application, make sure your cellphone has sufficient ROM and RAM.


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