5 Game Characters That Are Very Similar to Famous Artists


5 Game Characters That Are Very Similar to Famous Artists

Game character is one of the most important things. Without good characters, a video game cannot provide a good and memorable storyline. Therefore, in the early stages of development, game developers are required to be able to create strong characters to be applied to the story.

One of the things that is quite important to a character, apart from its nature, is its design. Lots of developers get complaints from gamers because they give bad character designs so that their appearance can't be accepted.

Of course there are lots of ways to create cool characters later. But have you ever thought that sometimes, developers can be inspired to create characters from people in the real world? Due to the fact, there are some game characters that are very similar to the famous lineups.

They did not provide any clarification or cooperation with these artists. But according to gamers on various forums, there are extraordinary similarities between the game characters and several well-known artists. So who is the list? Here is the discussion!

1. Ellie (Elliot Page)

5 Game Characters That Are Very Similar to Famous Artists

Ellie is one of the best characters in the gaming industry. She first appeared in 2013 through the game The Last of Us. Ellie at that time was very young but had to deal with ferocious creatures and survive in a devastated world.

Ellie is often said to be similar to Elliot Page. In fact, Ellie's motion capture was done by Ashley Joyhnson. Elliot Page herself has been involved in game development but not The Last of Us but Beyond: Two Souls as Jodie Holmes.

2. Commander Shepard (Adam Lambert)

5 Game Characters That Are Very Similar to Famous Artists

Commander Shepard is one of the most iconic characters in the gaming industry where he appears in the game Mass Effect. Shepard has two models, one is a male version and one is a female version. This is based on the choice of gamers themselves. Want to play the male or female version.

Uniquely, the female version of Commander Shepard is similar to the famous singer, Adam Lambert. Both have similar facial designs and look similar even though their hair styles are clearly different.

What is clear is that both of them are well known. Lambert is known as an international singer with a myriad of works while Shepard is a well-known leader in Normandy. [post_ads]

3. Maria (Cameron Diaz)

5 Game Characters That Are Very Similar to Famous Artists

Maria is the main antagonist of Silent Hill 2. She is a cruel person and has a hobby of torturing her targets. On top of that, she is filled with riddles that have always intrigued us.

Well, Maria is often said to be similar to Cameron Diaz, who is actually one of the legendary actresses in the film industry. At first glance, they do have similarities, especially in terms of facial expression. In addition, they both have blonde hair.

4. Olgierd Von Everec (David Beckham)

5 Game Characters That Are Very Similar to Famous Artists

Olgierd von Everec is one of the most iconic characters in The Witcher 3, especially in DLC Heart of Stone. He is someone who will interact with Geralt in the DLC. Understandably, most of the main stories of Heart of Stone are about Olgierd himself.

He has a very good character design complete with a sharp nose, thick mustache, and also hair in a pompadour style. Uniquely, if you look around, Olgierd is very similar to David Beckham. Although the hair is not similar, the overall facial structure is very similar to the former England captain.

Many have speculated that the motion capture was indeed done by Beckham himself. But to this day, CD Projekt Red has never discussed this. [post_ads_2]

5. Women in bikinis in GTA V (Kate Upton)

5 Game Characters That Are Very Similar to Famous Artists

Previously, there was a lot of excitement when the girl wearing a bikini in the loading scene of GTA V was Lindsay Lohan. Unfortunately, this character is more like Kate Upton. The resemblance is mere coincidence even though a pose between the two was planned in which Kate imitates the style of this female character.

When the poster first came out, many fans thought it was Kate Upton who did the motion capture. But actually, the person doing the motion capture was Shelby Welinder.


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