5 Japanese Inventions Items That Have Helped Your Day


5 Japanese Inventions Items That Have Helped Your Day

The opportunity for the steps achieved by Japan is second to none, technology savvy and has new innovations to be the strengths of the Japanese state in various fields. This proves that Japanese people always inspire many people in various things that exist.

The developed creative ideas become the target of the world market which can easily boost the country's economy, several other technologies are well developed and receive appreciation from other countries.

Here are five Japanese inventions that have changed the world and made your life more practical than ever, check out 5 Japanese Inventions Items That Have Helped Your Day which has been summarized by gamevos.com below:

1. Selfie stick

5 Japanese Inventions Items That Have Helped Your Day

Selfie stick is a tool to hold a cellphone and be used when taking pictures, selfie sticks were first invented in Japan in 1983 before the invention of cellphones.

This indicates that Japan had rapid progress before other countries had this innovation, tongsis was booming in 2014 and was named the best invention by Times magazine even though people rarely know that selfie sticks are a tool that is used daily and found in Japan. [post_ads]

2. Smartphone camera

5 Japanese Inventions Items That Have Helped Your Day

Currently, smartphones have more modern innovations than the 90s, but did you know that the first camera phones were invented in Japan at that time.

KYOCERA VP-210 is the first visual phone that was released in 1999, although the first release of this innovation is less attractive because there is only a front camera that can be used to see the user's face.

The inspiration for camera phones came from the combination of cell phones with disposable cameras which were very popular among high school girls and continued to innovate to be like today's cellphone models.

3. Mechanical pencil

5 Japanese Inventions Items That Have Helped Your Day

This writing tool has become a popular everyday tool used for school needs, the pencil prototype that was patented by John Isaac Hawkins and Sampson Mordan in 1822 became a successful and rapidly growing innovation today.

Tokuji Hayakawa the founder of Sharp finally developed this pencil in 1877 with the leads that are pushed automatically with a screw turning for easy use, thanks to this he also received a patent in 1915 and became a mechanical pencil that you often use today. [post_ads_2]

4. Mosquito coils

5 Japanese Inventions Items That Have Helped Your Day

Not only practical objects such as pencils and smartphone cameras but coal mosquito repellent has also been an innovation developed by Japan to kill these annoying animals.

The insect repellent in pellitory dalmatian will attack mosquitoes and disrupt their system, causing them to get drunk and die instantly, Eiichiro Ueyama is the inventor of an effective mosquito repellent with a stick that is 20 centimeters long, similar to Buddhist incense.

But Eiichiro Ueyama's wife gave the idea that if you make it spiral and thicker so that it runs out quickly at night, this is the origin of the mosquito repellent used to be practical and not disturbed by its shape.

5. Instant cup noodles

5 Japanese Inventions Items That Have Helped Your Day

What is surprising is that cup instant noodles are another Japanese invention, these instant noodles are called chiken ramen which was made by a Japanese-Taiwanese named Momofuku Ando in 1958.

The small cottage that he built in his yard and became a new innovation for ramen that can be eaten with warm sauce is an interesting thing, this ramen is the successor to the instant cup noodles that you usually consume every day.

Simple but can make your life easier to do various things making Japan very tolerant of the latest innovations even though it is a bit strange, the genius of the Japanese people is a source of inspiration for the world for unexpected things and is always admired by other countries. [post_ads_2]


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