5 Latest PlayStation Games You Must Play in February 2021


5 Latest PlayStation Games You Must Play in February 2021

This month you can play the game Werewolf: The Apocalypse - Earthblood which allows you to play as a werewolf incarnation, continue Six's adventures with his new friends in Little Nightmares II, to play the latest exclusive game on PS5, namely Destruction AllStars.

Here's a list of the latest PlayStation games for PS4 and PS5 for February 2021 that you must play:

1. Little Nightmares II

Release: February 11, 2021 - PS4 & PS5

Finally, Little Nightmares II, which is the sequel to the first game, you can play this February. Still carrying the theme of a horror adventure with lots of puzzles, you will still meet Six who has escaped Maw's grip in the previous game. But now you will play a new character named Mono and Six will later be controlled by a computer.

2. Werewolf: The Apocalypse – Earthblood

Release: February 4, 2021 - PS4 & PS5

Werewolf: The Apocalypse - Earthblood is an action role-playing game that tells the story of Cahal, a werewolf and terrorist who has been kicked out of his werewolf group and is fighting against the Pentex company. You can explore by changing your form to either a wolf, human or werewolf to carry out various tasks even to battle. [post_ads]

3. Taxi Chaos

Release: February 23, 2021 - PS4

Taxi Chaos is a game that will challenge you to become a reliable and nimble taxi driver by getting passengers to their destination as fast as possible to get paid. As the name implies, you can't just drive passengers like taxi drivers in general because you will inevitably clutter up the streets in less time.

4. Arrog

Release: February 5, 2021 - PS4 & PS5

Interested in playing light games like puzzles? You can try Arrog, which carries an adventure game with lots of puzzles along the way with a black-and-white world background. The story itself tells of the journey of a man who is accepting his death through a dream he is experiencing. [post_ads_2]

5. Destruction AllStars

Release: February 2, 2021 - PS5

Destruction AllStars is the latest exclusive game on PS5 that you can play where you will drive a combat car and destroy each other's cars. Interestingly, you can try out up to 16 AllStars, each of which has its own abilities and even access to drive their special combat car.

For the record: The prices for the latest PS4 and PS5 games may vary between the US region and other countries, depending on the availability of the existing regions. See more details about the PlayStation Store price.

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