8 Members Who Became the Visual Line of SEVENTEEN


8 Members Who Became the Visual Line of SEVENTEEN

SEVENTEEN, who are famous for their perfect teamwork, are also known for having various handsome idol members who have charming visuals.

Carat (SEVENTEEN Fandom) often refer to SEVENTEEN's Visual Line as the VerMinWonJeongJoJunCoupKyeom line!

So here are 8 members who make up a solid visual spectrum in the SEVENTEEN group:

1. Mingyu

Mingyu had what was widely considered a handsome face. He also has a tall stature of 187 cm which makes him one of the tallest K-Pop idols. His perfect visuals are often equated with a variety of handsome manga (Japanese comic) characters.

2. Wonwoo

Wonwoo captivated Carat with his signature cool visual. From his translucent and flawless skin, to his million dollar masculine jaw, Wonwoo is a rare kind of dapper in the K-Pop world. [post_ads]

3. Jeonghan

Jeonghan is famous for his Prince Charming visuals. Especially his trademark blonde hair which can captivate many fans.

Her flawless facial features like animation always make Carats believe that she is a character who comes straight out of a fairy tale!

4. Joshua

From a gentle puppy look to a sharp sexy vibe, Joshua offers unmatched visuals that are multi-sided. [post_ads_2]

5. Jun

Her deep and wide eyes will pierce the hearts of fans! Jun is like a baby kitten - gentle, precious, and UWU the bottom line.

6. Vernon

Vernon has a unique face, is a Korean / American of French descent. His appearance went viral since years ago, when he was first introduced to Korea as a mini-Leonardo DiCaprio. [post_ads]

7. S.Coups

S.Coups has an unforgettable face that is often mistaken for a biracial face. One of its best features includes its long, beautiful lashes!

No Carat can survive S.Coups 'blinking or any move that can melt fans' hearts.

8. DK

DK's manly look is often overlooked due to his passionate personality. Combined with his bright energy, the cool-and-cute next-door DK-type look that Carats love so much!

Final Word

So, those are the 8 visual lines of SEVENTEEN which are often referred to as the VerMinWonJeongJoJunCoupKyeom line. What do you think about this visual group one? Please write your response in the comments column! [post_ads_2]

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