9 Crazy Things Someone Has Ever Done Because of a Video Game


9 Crazy Things Someone Has Ever Done Because of a Video Game

Tired of the busyness of everyday life, video games are an alternative to relieve your mind. Both on consoles and PCs, various game themes are available for us to play for a moment to relax from the bustle of the outside world. In essence, games are a form of digital entertainment for teenagers to adults.

But, what if you are too ... ambitious and competitive to play? Lose a little, get angry, or play for hours until you lose track of time? It's just a game, chill! Anyone who did? Lots! Here are 10 cases where games made the worst of some.

Disclaimer: This article contains violent content which is inappropriate for some readers. Reader's discretion is highly desirable.

9 Crazy Things Someone Has Ever Done Because of a Video Game

1. Killing Other People Indirectly!

9 Crazy Things Someone Has Ever Done Because of a Video Game

Patricia Waible, a nursing assistant at the Bedford veterans hospital, should be more responsible for her patient and Vietnam War veteran Bill Nutter. Bill has heart problems, is very weak after surgery, both legs have been amputated due to diabetes, and his hands have neuropathy.

Due to his circumstances, Bill couldn't press the call button and Waible should have done his job more thoroughly. But no, Waible actually played video games and never came to see Bill even once. Waible was then suspended and moved to the cafeteria section.

At first, Waible didn't even admit what he had done. However, the CCTV footage said differently. The Nutter family also sued the hospital for neglecting patients and murder.

My dad probably won't live in five months, who knows? But, if we could have had another month with him, this woman has taken it, - said one of Bill's daughters, Carol Nutter.


2. Died Because the Game Lost Track of Time! 

9 Crazy Things Someone Has Ever Done Because of a Video Game

In 2012, an 18-year-old Taiwanese teenager, Chuang, booked a private room at an internet cafe to play the game Diablo III. For 40 hours, Chuang did not go out to eat and sleep at the computer table.

Suspicious, the cafe staff woke Chuang. He got up, but did not take a few steps, Chuang fainted. After being rushed to the hospital, Chuang passed away. It is believed that he suffered from cardiovascular problems after sitting for too long. Grieving, the developer of Diablo III, Blizzard Entertainment, released the statement:

We are saddened to hear this news, and our prayers are with his family and friends during this difficult time. It would not be appropriate for us to comment further without knowing all the circumstances involved. Although we realize that it all depends on the individual or the parents. or their guardians to determine playing habits, we feel that self-control is certainly more important and a person's daily life should take precedence over any form of entertainment. 

 3. Killing a Babies

9 Crazy Things Someone Has Ever Done Because of a Video Game

In 2011, a woman in Florida killed her three-month-old son over a video game. While playing the game on Facebook, Farmville, Alexandra Tobias was angry because she was annoyed by the crying of the baby, Dylan Lee Edmondson. Alexandra then molested Dylan, over and over again!

Alexandra had brought Dylan to the hospital, but the baby died of head trauma. Initially, Alexandra lied that the baby fell accidentally. However, the police already knew the facts, so Alexandra was found guilty of second degree murder and sentenced to 50 years in prison. [post_ads_2]

4. Killing toddlers!

9 Crazy Things Someone Has Ever Done Because of a Video Game

In 2019, a 19 year old man from Illinois, Johnathan Fair, killed 4 year old toddler, Skylar Mendez, over a video game. In the middle of babysitting his toddler, Johnathan is angry that Skylar spilled juice on his XBOX. He also molested the toddler as punishment!

Johnathan had time to take Skylar to the hospital. Unfortunately, the toddler could not be saved. Armed with an autopsy, Skylar's parents sued Johnathan for murder. If found guilty, Johnathan could be sentenced to 60 years in prison.

5. Killed Thinking the Console Was Stolen!

9 Crazy Things Someone Has Ever Done Because of a Video Game

A 21-year-old man from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Malik Terrell, killed Dennis King, a 15-year-old teenager, over a console problem. Malik finds the console missing. Consumed by his brother's talk, Malik accuses Dennis of stealing their video game console.

Malik and his brother then interrogated Dennis about the missing console, and started beating him into confessing. Finally, Malik lost his mind and hit Dennis in the head with a hammer and stabbed him to death in the neck! Malik and his brother then burned Dennis' body to remove traces.

The King family, of course, reported that their son was missing. Only a few weeks later, Dennis's body was found. At that time, Malik had fled to Chicago. However, still get caught! He was charged with murder and sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole. [post_ads]

6. Died too Tired of Playing Games!

9 Crazy Things Someone Has Ever Done Because of a Video Game

A 32-year-old man from Taiwan, Hsieh, booked a room at an internet cafe he subscribed to in 2015. Hsieh's family admitted that Hsieh really likes to disappear for days to play. However, this time, Hsieh was gone for good.

The cafe staff saw Hsieh lying on the floor. At first, he thought that Hsieh was sleeping because he was used to seeing him asleep in his chair. However, as it turned out, he had been dead for hours! When he was rushed to the hospital, Hsieh was said to have had a heart attack due to fatigue from playing games.

7. Suicide with a chainsaw!

9 Crazy Things Someone Has Ever Done Because of a Video Game

In 2018, a 15-year-old boy from Tomsk, Russia, named Pavel Mateev, reportedly committed suicide after losing a video game. Without a doubt, he turned on the chainsaw and sawed off his own head! Too addicted, what game are you playing?

Actually, Mateev plays a regular game. However, some have speculated that an online group continued to call on Mateev until he killed himself. Russian authorities are worried because during the 6 months, 130 cases of child suicide occurred because of bullying in video games. [post_ads_2]

8. Abandoned babies to death!

9 Crazy Things Someone Has Ever Done Because of a Video Game

A South Korean married couple were arrested in 2010 for abandoning their baby to death for the sake of video games. Kim Jae-beom and Kim Yun-jeong abandoned their daughter, Kim Sa-rang, for visiting internet cafes for up to 10 hours per day.

Ironically, this couple played the game Prius Online and raised a child named "Anima". Jae-beom and Yun-jeong do come home occasionally to give Sa-rang powdered milk. In other words, they pay more attention to virtual characters than their own daughters!

In fact, Yun-jeong was aware that her baby was losing weight, but was still indifferent. They just realized when after playing 12 hours, Sa-rang was found dead! Jae-beom and Yun-jeong report to the police.

The officers were suspicious because Sa-rang's weight seemed to be malnourished, from 2.9 kilograms at birth to only 2.5 kilograms when he died. After running away, the two lovebirds just admit that they neglected to care for Sa-rang until they died. Because Yun-jeong was pregnant at the time, her sentence was postponed; meanwhile, Jae-beom serves two years in prison.

9. Killing a Babies! Again!?

9 Crazy Things Someone Has Ever Done Because of a Video Game

In 2006, a 27 year old young man, Tyrone Spellman, killed his daughter, Alayiah Turman. The cause? Alayiah accidentally pulled out her father's XBOX. Tyrone was angry and hit Alayiah's head five times hard!

As a result, Alayiah's skull was fractured, and she died. Tyrone was later arrested and sentenced to 22.5-45 years in prison on the murder charge.

Final Word

Playing video games should be a fun, enjoyable and relaxing experience. The condition is, you just need to be calm, and remember that games are just games, so you shouldn't be taken so seriously that you want to kill yourself, kill people, or torture yourself for it.

Those are 9 crazy cases that people do just because of video games. From committing suicide, killing people, neglecting tasks, to torturing oneself, all because they can't control themselves because of video games. Because of this, many people have badmouthed video games. In fact, the problem with the individual is not the game! [post_ads]


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