Boruto: Are There Any New Traitors in Konoha?


Boruto: Are There Any New Traitors in Konoha?

In chapter 55 of the manga series Boruto: Naruto Next Generation yesterday, it was shown that Konoha had to suffer a lot of "wounds" and also losses, after the victory in the battle against Isshiki Otsutsuki. First, Sasuke had to lose his left eye which also housed his Rinnegan eye. Then, Kawaki also had to lose his artificial arm. However, what caught the most attention was the death of Kurama.

As is well known, Naruto activated Baryon Mode to defeat Isshiki. At first, all fans thought that Naruto would be at stake. But, it turns out that Kurama lied by saying that in fact this mode used all his strength. Even so, in the end they managed to win and returned home to Konoha.

Other Konoha shinobi, such as Shikamaru, celebrated the victory, one of them sensing something odd. Sumire, Katasuke's assistant, realized the attitude and behavior of Kara's traitor Amado that something was strange and was hidden by him. Sumire suspects that Amado may have been lying all this time, and he is not an ally to Konoha.

Boruto: Are There Any New Traitors in Konoha?

Amado had previously come to Konoha to tell him all the information about Jigen and Kara. Amado explained that Jigen wanted to use his Karma seal and become Isshiki. Amado also explained in detail about the Karma seal on Kawaki and Boruto's body, giving Konoha shinobi views and information on how to defeat an Isshiki.

Amado is also the person who makes Kasjin Koji and Jigen fight each other. That explanation then made Konoha finally agreed to provide protection to Amado for what he had done. What's interesting is that when they came back from the fight, Amado looked displeased. This had made Katasuke confused and made Sumire suspicious. [post_ads]

This became known after Amado asked about Kawaki's condition, and not about the other shinobi's condition. Amado may be happy that Kawaki is safe, but his excitement and relief are likely fake. It was likely that he was planning something else, knowing that his previous plans had failed.

Why then is Sumire's concern important? Sumire, as all geeks know, was once a spy assigned to infiltrate the village of Konoha. He should have used his "pet", Nue, to destroy Konoha. This was done for the sake of the father. Luckily, Boruto managed to prevent this by introducing him to the values ​​of family, love and peace.

Even though Sumire is no longer a threat to Konoha, his ability as a spy is certainly still there and he can feel something strange or something is hidden from someone. Given his past, Amado is indeed one of those people who must always be watched. We never know what was on his mind, which could be that he suddenly did something evil. [post_ads]

Sumire also knew that Amado could endanger Konoha, because in the fight to get Kawaki back, Mugino had to die at his hands. It could be that Amado really wanted Kawaki to die, contrary to what Naruto had been wanting. Or maybe Amado has prepared another way, which is to make Kawaki a terrible weapon.

With the death of Isshiki, the Kara organization naturally became the status quo, which Amado could use to take over and then form Kara according to his wishes. Will Amado prepare any other strategies? Will Amado do anything bad? We'll just look forward to the next chapter! (Featured Image: [post_ads_2]

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